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St Croix taxis and rates, taxi tariffs in US Virgin Islands

st croix taxisAll About St Croix Taxis, Taxi Fares & Rates

We strongly recommend to get a rental car while staying at Villa Margarita, otherwise you’ll miss much of what the island offers.

But if you choose not to, taxis are a popular transportation choice for visitors to St Croix. Take note that St Croix taxis are not metered; rates are per person and per destination and are set by the government’s Taxi Commission. Keep reading to learn more about USVI taxi tariffs information, rates and fares.

Since rates are subject to change, it’s always best to first verify the fare with your taxi driver before departing.

Taxi tariffs in Virgin Islands

Taxi tariffs in Virgin Islands

USVI taxi tariffs information

USVI taxi tariffs information

st crois taxi fares

St Croix taxi fares


Useful Tips

  • St Croix taxis are almost always available at the cruise ship dock when ships are in port, at the airport, the Seaplane Terminal, at the taxi stand area in down town Christiansted and usually at large hotels and popular restaurants/bars.
  • Licensed St Croix taxis are labeled with: a taxi placard or dome light on the roof, license plates that indicate Taxi status, On Duty/Off Duty sign in the window of the vehicle and a sign, usually on the fender, indicating passenger capacity. The drivers personal identification/taxi license should be on the vehicles dash board.
  • There are drivers that run “gypsy taxis” in their personal vehicles. They do not adhere to the rules of the taxi commission and are use at your own risk. They often hustle outside bars and grocery stores.
  • Taxi tariffs in Virgin Islands in general have not changed much over the years, so don’t expect Uber-style efficiency and cut-throat competition.  Which is nice, it’s a laid-back island after all.
  • Although rates are standardized it is strongly recommended that you speak to the driver and agree to your total rate (for you, your group, your luggage, waiting, tour) before getting into St Croix taxis.

St Croix Taxi Companies:st croix taxi association

  • St Croix Taxi Association: (tel. 340-778-1088)
  • Sweeny Tours Taxi Service: (tel. 340-514-7734, 514-1594)
  • Antilles Taxi Service:  (tel. 340-773-5020, 340-690-9585)
  • Will and Berns Taxi Service – Frederiksted: (tel. 340-772-4775)
  • Crucian Taxi:  (tel. 340-773-6388, 422-1856)
  • Rudy’s Taxi & Tours:  (tel. 340-773-6803, 514-4600)
  • Sweeny Tours Taxi Service: (tel. 340-514-7734, 514-1594)

St Croix Taxi Fares:

STX Airport: To/from1 or 2 people3+ / each
Carmen’s Ridge22.0011.00
Cane Bay Plantation20.0010.00
Cane Garden15.008.00
Castle Nugent18.009.00
Chenay Bay21.0011.00
Coakley Bay22.0011.00
Constitution Hill15.008.00
Cotton Groove24.0011.00
Cotton Valley24.0011.00
Cramer’s Park24.0011.00
Divi Carina Bay24.0012.00
Gentle Winds17.009.00
Grapetree Bay24.0011.00
Great Pond20.0010.00
Green Cay22.0011.00
Ham’s Bay/Clover Crest20.0010.00
Ham’s Bay/Clover Guard20.0010.00
King Frederik Hotel12.006.00
La Grange15.008.00
La Grange HIll18.009.00
Lowry Hill18.009.00
Mt. Washington (East end)18.009.00
Mt. Washington (West)20.0010.00
Queen’s Quarter15.008.00
Selly’s Fancy18.009.00
Sandy Point15.008.00
Sandy Point (Nature Conserve)18.009.00
Salt River17.009.00
Seven Hills20.0011.00
Shoy’s Estate20.0010.00
Sion Valley15.008.00
Sprat Hall17.009.00
St. Croix by The Sea15.008.00
Sugar Hill Estate16.008.00
Sunny Isle12.006.00
Tamarind Reef21.0011.00
Tide Village17.009.00
Work and Rest15.008.00

Other notes:

  • Pets: “A taxi operator, while on duty, shall not refuse any passenger unless the passenger is intoxicated and disorderly or in possession of a pet or animal (other than a seeing-eye dog or service dog) that is not properly secured in a kennel case or other suitable container.”
  • If your destination is not listed above, the taxi driver will use the nearest tariffed place.
  • Round trip fares: double the one-way fare plus waiting charges.
  • Waiting charges: $1 per minute. First five minutes free.
  • Night rates: between midnight and 6:00 a.m., an additional charge of $2 per person
  • Complaints: can be addressed to the Taxi Commission at (340) 693-4211
  • UVSI taxi tariff information is always subject to change, so check before you travel if you intend to use taxis in St. Croix.

So that’s how to get around using St Croix taxis!

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