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St Croix Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing

St Croix kiteboarding has come to St Croix with a bang! With its beautiful white sandy beaches, few crowds, and lots of open space, St Croix is an ideal kiteboarding location for beginners and experts alike. Kiteboarding in the Virgin Islands is becoming quite popular, and St Croix stands out due to its variety of flat-water and wave-riding locations to choose from with various wind directions & conditions. This makes the island particularly attractive for kiteboarding / kitesurfing enthusiasts. St Croix kiteboarding wind conditions average between 15 to 20 knots during the summer, ensuring a solid ride, and the winter season offers favorable conditions as well.

If you’re really crazy, you can even kiteboard during our fall season, when the Caribbean tropical storms offering “enhanced” wind and wave conditions bound to excite even the most adventurous.  St Croix kitesurfing & kiteboarding experts are even know to chase hurricane winds for a thrill!

We’re blessed to have some of the best kiteboarding instructors in the Caribbean who can guide you through the basics if you’re just learning, or challenge you to the next level if you’re an expert. So come join the St Croix kiteboarding scene!

St Croix Kiteboarding Companies

Leading Edge Kite Schoolst croix kitesurfing

Location: Christiansted
Tel: (340) 514-6680
Website: — Email:

Operates St Croix kiteboarding lessons and rental from October to May.  Get the Edge at Southern New Jersey and St Croix’s Premier Kiteboarding School!  We offer beginner and advanced lessons for children and adults! We proudly maintain the highest standards for safety, efficiency and customer care, and we use the latest and greatest Cabrinha kite equipment for all of our lessons. Chris Doyle is an IKO Certified Level 2 Instructor with never-ending patience, knowledge and a passion to share his love of the kiteboarding in St Croix.

St. Croix EFOIL rental — St. Croix Windfoil — What is E-foiling? E- Foil stands for Electric Hydrofoiling, where a quite electric motor propels you above the waves for an incredibly smooth ride. No wind, no surf? No problem! Learn to fly on top the water without a sound on a Lift electric hydrofoil.

What is wingfoiling? A Wing Foil allows you to get up and riding when there is virtually no wind. It’s another way to explore out on the ocean, or tow into what used to be an unsurfable wave. See for yourself what everyone’s talking about.

St Croix E-Foil and Wing Foil
St Croix E-Foil and Wing Foil
St. Croix Kitesurfing Kite St. Croix

Kite St. Croix

Kite St. Croix
Location: Chenay Bay
Phone: 340-643-5824

Regularly featured in Kiteworld, SBC Kiteboarding and other industry magazines, Bill Kraft has worked earnestly to fine tune the craft of kiteboarding and provide a safe environment for riders on St. Croix. With over 800 lessons under his belt, Bill is a patient and dedicated instructor that will guide the novice student to skilled rider or take the skilled rider to exceptional rider safely pushing the limits. People are amazed by their abilities after a few lessons with Bill.

Looking for the Ultimate St. Croix Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing Experience?

Try a liveaboard kiteboarding catamaran! Uncharted Kitesurfing runs a kiteboarding catamaran in the Virgin Islands and other island. Kitesurf all day!

St Croix kiteboarding catamaran

Uncharted Kitesurfing

GET AS MUCH TIME ON THE WATER AS POSSIBLE: this is our goal. The trade winds provide steady winds all day and night. Kite from sunrise to sunset.  The Virgin Islands have their windiest season from April to August. Sailing away on the catamaran, we have the freedom to go wherever the conditions are best, stay wherever we want to hang out longer. Your floating home doubles as launching platform and can reach into the most secluded bays only accessible by boat

PICK UP POSSIBLE FROM EITHER ST THOMAS (USVI), ST CROIX (USVI), OR TORTOLA (BVI), itineraries vary according to your wishes and preferences for sailing and kite conditions. We may do a round trip and pick up and return from the same port, or we start and finish in different places. Lots of options for your ideal trip. ST CROIX is the biggest island. Starting here gives you immediate access to some of the best, and often deserted, kite beaches of the whole VI. The old Danish architecture is well preserved in the quaint and lively towns. An agricultural island, the food here is delicious and so is the rum.

​TIP: Our favourite Virgin Island trip is a little circle between St. Thomas, St. Croix, and Culebrita & Culebra. 

Videos of kiteboarding in St. Croix USVI 

Saint Croix kitesurfing in the US Virgin Islands
Exciting Kitesurfing in St. Croix USVI
Best kitesurfing in US Virgin Islands (St. Croix)
Where is the best kiteboarding in the US Virgin Islands? St. Croix!

So are YOU ready to take on St Croix Kiteboarding?

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