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Where is St. Croix?

Where is St Croix located on the map?

St. Croix is located in the eastern Caribbean sea, 120 miles southeast of Puerto Rico and 1130 miles from Miami, Florida. Geographic coordinates place St Croix’s location on a map at 17.7246° N, 64.8348° W.

where is st croix?
Where is St Croix located?
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You can see on the map above its location relative to other islands in the Caribbean. The blow-up section of the map details the outline shape of St. Croix, as well as provides useful scale to grasp how the island’s size compares to other islands in the Caribbean.

St. Croix’s location in the Caribbean provides it with perfect year-round weather, typical of all Caribbean islands. St. Croix is part of the chain of islands that stretch from Bahamas in the north, down to Trinidad and Tobago just off the coast of South America.

St Croix nearby neighbors include the BVI (British Virgin Islands), and about 120 miles to the west of St. Croix you’ll find Anguilla and St. Kitts and Nevis.

You can see where St. Croix is on the map using Google here.

The picture below gives you a good idea of where is Saint Croix located in the Caribbean Sea:

Saint Croix island location in the caribbean sea
Saint Croix island location in the Caribbean Sea

There are three islands which make up the US Virgin Islands. In the map below, you can see where is Saint Croix located in relation to its USVI sister islands of St. Thomas and St. John. Saint Croix is the largest of the 3 US Virgin Islands, and about a 40-mile distance from St. Thomas. This makes day trips between the islands convenient, the islands are serves by both air and St. Croix ferry services.

USVI map
St. Croix location in USVI

Nice video showing Where is Saint Croix located in the Caribbean and what to do there in 2024!

Good video showing where is St. Croix and what to do there
Informational video about St Croix location and history

St. Croix’s location places the island right in the middle of Hurricane Alley of ocean storms, which typically originate off the west coast of Africa and make their way across the Atlantic. This part of the Caribbean has its rainy season in late summer and the fall.

Hurricane Alley

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Where is St. Croix

Is St Croix a US territory?

Yes, St Croix is a US territory. All four US Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John and Water Island) are US territories.

Is St. Croix part of the US?

Yes, St. Croix is part of the US.

Is St. Croix a US Virgin Island?

Yes, St. Croix is one of four US Virgin Islands. The other three are St. Thomas, St. John and Water Island.

How big is St. Croix?

St. Croix is 84 square miles and 28 miles long by 7 miles wide.

What’s the largest US Virgin Island?

At 84 square miles, St. Croix is the largest US Virgin Islands. It is 3 times the size of St. Thomas.

Is St. Croix in the Caribbean?

Yes, St. Croix is located in the Caribbean Sea, 120 miles SW of Puerto Rico.

What does St. Croix name mean?

The name Saint Croix means “Holy Cross” in French, and reflects its earlier French ownership. Before that it was called Santa Cruz, also meaning “Holy Cross” Spanish.

How did St. Croix get its name?

Christopher Columbus named the island “Santa Cruz” after he visited the island in 1493. The island’s name was later changed to Saint Croix.

BTW, Villa Margarita is located only 1/2 mile from the very spot where Columbus landed in St. Croix!

What’s the nicest US Virgin Island to visit?

Ok, we’re biased. But St. Croix’s size, diversity of nature and fauna, plus just a more laid-back vibe than St. Thomas makes St. Croix the best Virgin Island to visit.

Is Saint Croix a nice place to visit? Is St. Croix worth visiting?

Very. You’ll find everything you need to had a great holiday here: great weather, beaches, friendly people, landscape variety, lost of interesting tasty food, and great sunsets!

Is it expensive to live in St. Croix?

Price on the island are a bit higher than on mainland US, mainly reflecting the additional cost of shipping everything in. Paradise has a price. But St Croix prices are not expensive compared to many other Caribbean islands when factoring in the protection and safety of being under a US flag and laws.

Here you can see the cost of living index for St. Croix and how it compares to living costs in other US cities and states.

What are people living in St. Croix called?

Residents of St. Croix are known as Cruzans or Crucians.

Are people in St. Croix US citizens?

Cruzans are US citizens but they lack the right to vote for the US president or have Senators. They do elect special representatives to the US Congress but these persons are not allowed to vote.

Is St. Croix US territory or British?

There are 2 different sets of islands called “Virgin Islands”. St. Croix is located in the US Virgin Islands, and about 70 miles away from the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Is St. Croix safe? Is St Croix good for families?

St. Croix is safe and good for families. There is a slightly higher crime rate than in many US states, but violent crime rarely involves visitors, and certainly is lower than many surrounding islands in the Caribbean. Just be sensible and don’t leave valuables lying around.

St. Croix is good for families because it has a relaxed environment with lots to do. Plus there are many beaches that are kid-friendly with easy waves.

What’s the most popular US Virgin Island?

St. Thomas is more popular with cruise ships, if that’s what you’re looking for.  It’s the busiest and most commercialized of the three islands, and is more upscale, with more high-end dining and golf. So it really comes down to what you want: more crowds, noisy bars and cruise ship tourists, or a more relaxed and less over-developed Caribbean island experience. Here’s the St. Croix cruise ship schedule.

More videos showing Where is St. Croix Located

Here are some videos showing where Saint Croix is located in the Caribbean. It’s always nice to see a video to complement the maps.

Video about travelling to St Croix and exploring

What’s So Special about St. Croix?

OK, now you know where is St. Croix, you might be asking: So what? What’s so special about Saint Croix?

The answer is that St. Croix is a must-see for anyone who is interested in history. St. Croix has flown the flags of Spain, The Netherlands, England, France, the Knights of Malta and Denmark. How cool is that?

And oh, the diversity: for example, you have Christiansted, which was once the capital of the Danish West Indies. Its features beautiful 18th-century red-roofed buildings and quaint stone streets. Then you have Frederiksted, its twin city to the west, which sports a fort that once protected the island from pirates and rival nations. And in between them you’ll find the ruins of hundreds of St Croix sugar estates and cattle estates which dot the landscape. It’s a literal trip back into time.

There are botanical gardens, majestic historical restored buildings, and actually it’s simply impossible to not feel history living and breathing as you walk or drive in St. Croix. At one end of the island is Point Udall and its signature sundial monument, marking the easternmost point in the United States. Standing here at sunrise guarantees that you’ll be the first on American soil to see the sun!

But St. Croix is not just about history. It’s also famous for its incredible beaches, recreational activities, great dining, beach resorts, a casino plus a number of super Caribbean golf courses. As well as a wealth of arts, crafts, music, festivals and cultural events.

Soak up some rays, soak up some culture

St. Croix charms people looking for a laid-back Caribbean experience. It’s an island deeply steeped in history and culture, with historic landmarks, places of worship and festivals that run all year long. Start your day relaxing on the beach. Then try a horseback ride near an 18th century sugar mill. Later, you can visit a colonial church in the afternoon and finish off the day with a wonderful St. Croix romantic dinner.

It’s hard to miss the unique Crucian culture in Christiansted and Frederiksted, with their historical buildings, arts and crafts. Later you can walk around the white sand beaches and turquoise waters; St. Croix has over 30 beaches to enjoy!

There are lots of water activities as well in St. Croix. Take a trip to Buck Island Reef National Monument, one of only three underwater national monuments in the USA. Snorkelers and scuba divers can explore an underwater trail and discover an assortment of sea life, from the protected coral reef to native flora and fauna, the hawksbill turtle and brown pelican.

Relax, and learn why the locals call St. Croix “so nice!”

Where on St Croix?

You might be asking where on St. Croix you can find important organizations, so we’ve provided a list here below:


Alcoholics Anonymous (for meeting schedule)340-776-5283
American Red Cross340-778-5104
National Park Service St Croix USVI340-773-1460
St. Croix Environmental Assoc340-773-1989
Tourist Information – Frederiksted340-772-0357
Tourist Information – Christiansted340-773-1404
Toll Free, not from mainland800-372-USVI
U.S. Customs – St Croix USVI340-773-5650
Cruise Ship Arrival Information340-772-0357


Athalie Petersen Library, Frederiksted 340-772-0315
Florence Williams Library, Christiansted340-773-5715


St. Croix Landmarks Society340-772-0598
Fort Frederik Museum340-772-2021
St. George Village Botanical Garden340-692-2874


Caribbean Dance Company340-778-8824
Caribbean Museum Center340-772-2058
Island Center340-778-5271
Pointe Dance Academy340-778-0435


Chamber of Commerce340-773-1435
St. Croix Hotel Association340-773-7117
St. Croix Hotel Association – Toll Free800-524-2026


American Airlines – St Croix USVI800-474-4884
American Eagle – St. Croix800-433-7300
Cape Air St Croix800-352-0714
Coastal Air340-773-6862
Seaborne Airlines Seaplane340-773-6442
U.S. Airways800-622-1015
Vieques Air Link340-778-9858


Police, Fire, Ambulance – Land Line911
Police, Fire, Ambulance – Cell Phone340-772-9111
Divers Alert Network919-684-8111
V.I. Territory Emergency Management (VITEMA)340-773-2244
V.I. Search and Rescue787-729-6770
St. Croix Hospital340-778-6311

Now you know Where is St Croix USVI located on a map, come visit us in 2024!

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