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St Croix rental cars US Virgin Islands jeep

Car Rental St Croix US Virgin Islands

We used to hate car rental agencies . . . until we came here.  St Croix rental cars USVI are such a fresh breeze!  Instead of starting your vacation off with stress, you just fly in, go to the counter of any St Croix airport car rentals agency, and 10 minutes later you’re driving away!  It doesn’t get any easier.

How much is it to rent a car in St. Croix?

St Croix car rental costs usually around $50/day during peak season and $35/day during off-peak  season.  Long-term car rental rates are $900/month.  All major car rental agencies are here, plus a number of great local operators.  You have a multitude of choices from renting a convertible, jeep, luxury or economy car, SUV or mini-van. Car rentals in US Virgin Islands could not be easier!

Do I need a rental car in St Croix Virgin Islands?

Yes.  It’s best to rent a car in St Croix because taxis are expensive, Uber doesn’t work, and do you really want to ride a bus on your holiday?  So spend a little more enjoy the freedom to explore the entire island, just pick up and go wherever your heart desires.  Going to the rain forest, testing your rugged off-road driving skills, driving along scenic coastlines, discovering remote secluded beaches….that’s the real advantage of St Croix rental cars USVI: total freedom. And when you think about it, isn’t that what your holiday is all about?

Getting around St. Croix without a car

People ask “Do you need a car in St. Croix”?  Of course, you can get around St. Croix without a car if you plan to stay mostly in-town or at a resort.  This works fine for people on short stays or happy to chill at their hotel most the time.  There is a bus system if needed, and obviously taxis to & from the airport.

Best Agencies for Car Rental St. Croix

Here’s a list of car rental St Croix companies to make your stay with Villa Margarita all the more special: 

jeep rentals st croix

Jeep rental car on the beach in St Croix

Judi of Croix

Location : Island Wide
Phone :  340-773-2123

Free Delivery and Pickup Anywhere on the Island! We personally greet all our customers, so you will never wait in line for your vehicle. We do not overbook or give away your rental. We try to accommodate delays as long as you keep us up to date. We offer, 4-door sedans, SUV’s and minivans – primarily Toyotas. All our vehicles are automatic and air-conditioned, with unlimited mileage. We book quickly so be sure to reserve your vehicle in advance. Judi of Croix: exceptional service, reasonably priced, best for car rental St. Croix.

Budget Rent A Car

Location : St Croix Airport rental cars zone, and in Christiansted (near the seaplane dock)
Directions using Google Maps:   Budget Rent a Car location
Phone : (888) 264-8894 |   340-778-9636

The Friendliest Employees and the Quickest Efficient Service! The easiest part of your trip – a Budget vehicle at a budgeted rate. Drive away and discover the beauty of St Croix in a Budget vehicle. We are located at the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX car rental), downtown Christiansted across from the Seaplane, and for cruise ship passengers, in Frederiksted across from the Pier. We offer a wide range of vehicles from economy, 4×4s, convertibles and vans, plus FREE PICKUP. Budget has St Croix’s largest and most diverse rental fleet, including a broad choice for St Croix jeep rental at the most competitive rates, and free unlimited mileage.  For car rentals in St Croix, you can trust Budget.

Hertz Rent A Car

St Hertz Rent A Car St Croix US Virgin Islands
Location : St Croix rental cars airport booth 
Phone : (888) 248-4261 |  340-778-1402

Book Hertz and Discover the St Croix airport car rental agency advantage. Around the Corner. Around The World. Around St Croix.  Hertz ranks high in St Croix rental car reviews and provides you with the perfect car for you to enjoy the island. You can choose from compact, mid and full sized vehicles, family sized minivans, as well as SUV’s and a good choice of St Croix jeep rentals to add more fun and adventure to your trip. We will have the perfect car for you, whatever your need is. At Hertz you are not just renting a car. Apart from our very affordable rates for our reliable Fords and other fine cars, the service, experience and comfort that is Hertz comes with the deal.

Avis Car Rental

St Croix rental cars Avis Car Rental US Virgin Island airport car rental agency
Location: windows for rental car agencies at St Croix Airport, Fredericksted (near the pier)
Phone :  340-778-9355
Website :

Multiple Locations Throughout St Croix! At Avis, we try harder. Now you can make your reservations on-line and we will have your vehicle waiting for you at the airport or seaplane when you arrive. Avis also ranks high in “car rentals St Croix reviews”. Please visit our website for more details. If you are visiting St Croix on a cruise ship, call us directly at 340-778-9355 to rent a car for the day and have it ready when you arrive in port.

Centerline Car Rentals

St Crox rental cars Centerline Car Rentals US Virgin Islands
Location: St Croix Airport car rentals zone, and La Reine 
Directions using Google Maps:   Centerline Car Rentals location
Phone : (888) 288-8755 |  340-778-0441
Website :

The Largest Independent Car Rental Company in the Virgin Islands! Centerline Car Rentals is the car rental of choice for St Croix’s Major Resorts and Small Hotels. That is why we are the largest independent car rental company in the Virgin Islands. We have the most complete line of vehicles on St Croix. Check out our selection from compacts to full size, Wranglers to SUVs, best jeep rentals in St. Croix, minivans to 15 passenger vans, and pick up trucks as well. We can DELIVER the vehicle to some locations and offer Free Pick Up anywhere. Come experience our personalized, professional service. Visit our website or call toll-free!

Olympic Rent-A-Car

St Croix rental cars Olympic Rent-A-Car US Virgin Islands
Location : Christiansted
Directions using Google Maps:  Olympic Rent a car location
Phone : (888) USVI-CARS |  340-718-3000

Oldest and Largest Independent Car Rental Agency on St Croix! Olympic Rent-A-Car is the oldest and largest independent car rental agency on St Croix. Doing business since 1973, with a convenient location in Christiansted (next to the Richmond Post Office).  When you come to St Croix, rent from Olympic Rent-A-Car and experience our personalized service. Our staff is described as the “friendliest staff on the island” and we look forward to serving you. Our low rates are unbeatable!

Skyline Car Rental

Location : Christiansted
Directions using Google Maps:  Skyline Car Rental location
Phone : (888) USVI-CARS |  340-718-3000

Skyline Car Rental has been providing top quality and affordable SUV, truck and car rental services on the island of St. Croix for over a decade. We are among St. Croix’s best car rental agencies.  We provide first-class services to a wide range of clients, from visitors on holiday, residents and people working on  assignments in Frederiksted, Christiansted and other areas in St. Croix.

At Skyline Car Rental, ordering your vehicle rental will be one of the easiest, stress-free things you’ll do today. Our friendly staff is trained and ready to assist and provide you the smoothest car rental experience you’ve ever had. So call us and we’ll be happy to reserve a rental vehicle or airport rental car for you.

STX airport car rentals

Most the car rental agencies have offices at STX airport.  Their windows are located on the outside street as you exit toward the baggage claim, which is also outside.  There you’ll find Hertz, Budget, Avis and Centerline, which can help you pick up your rental car.  St. Croix airport rental cars are plentiful and there for you to use and take advantage of all the wonderful sights on the island, most of which are really only convenient to experience with a car.

St. Croix scooter rentals and bicycle rentals

There are no places to rent a scooter on island, and that’s probably a good thing because scooters and bicycles are not safe to ride in the Virgin Islands. Many roads do not have shoulders and are not wide enough for passing, have lots of potholes and other dangers.   A friend once said “a scooter is fine as long as your affairs are in order, you have take out a good medical insurance policy, and you are covered with air ambulance coverage as well”.   Since renting a whole car is not so much more, so why take the risk?

St. Croix rental car reviews

Here some reviews from the web about the customer service people have received:

Yelp reviews

TripAdvisor reviews

Car Rentals St Croix FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a minimum age requirement to rent a car in St. Croix?

Yes.  You must be at least 25 years old to rent a car here.  Some agencies will rent to 23 and 24 year olds for an additional insurance fee.    

Do I need car insurance in St Croix?

Yes you need insurance and it can be a bit tricky.  Many agencies will ask you to present the car insurance policy you use back home to see if you’re covered in the USVI.  You also will normally need to use a major credit card that offers car insurance coverage.  Be certain to plan ahead and clarify this, or you might face a nasty surprise on your holiday.  

What do I need for a car rental in St Croix?

Most car rental agencies require:

  1. valid driver’s license (and a passport if you are non-US citizen or resident)
  2. major credit card (some ask to verify that it provided collision / damage coverage valid in the USVI).  Some St. Croix car rental agencies will accept a debit card if you provide a declaration page from your home auto insurance policy.  
  3. exact name match on the driver’s license and credit/debit card
  4. additional drivers must also be present and with a valid license.
  5. local address where you are staying on St. Croix

What is the credit card policy to rent a car?

Most agencies are similar in that they require a major credit card like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and DiscoverCard.  A minimum authorization of $300-500 or an amount equal to the price of the rental, whichever is greater, is held on the card. This is usually a hold, not a charge, and will be released at the end of the rental, assuming there are no outstanding charges.  You can choose to pay by cash if there are no damages to the vehicle upon return.

If using a debit card, the agency may either place a hold or immediately charge the card and receive payment.  If a hold, it is typically larger than the hold on a credit card.

Can I rent a car with a debit card?

As explained above, it is possible with some agencies to get a St. Croix rental car using a debit card, but you will need to present a car insurance policy which is accepted by the car agency for coverage in St. Croix, or take their daily collision wavier as well as charge an additional deposit on top of the cost of the rental (often $1000).  The deposit will be returned at the end of the rental if all is OK with the car. 

Always clarify details in advance, surprises are never fun!

Is there a fee for additional drivers?

Usually yes.  Spouses are often exempted but they must have the same last name on their license as the main driver.  

Do you deliver the rental car?  

Most St. Croix car rental agencies will deliver vehicles upon request.

What if I have a late flight / early flight?  

Most agencies have booths at St. Croix airport which are open during working flying hours.  If your flight is delayed, you will need to contact the rental agency to make arrangements.

Do you drive on the left side of the road?

Yes, all vehicles in St. Croix drive on the left side of the road, so exercise caution if you are not familiar with this.

What is the usual fuel policy for rental cars?

Normally the car is delivered with a full tank and to be returned the same.  If not, the agency will charge you for fuel and usually at a higher cost than market.

Do you provide children seats? 

Most agencies can provide seats for kids or infants for an additional charge.  You will have to install it yourself for liability reasons.

Can I drive my vehicle off-road? 

Clarify the details with your rental agency.  Many do not allow off-road driving, even for Jeeps and other 4×4 vehicles.

More St. Croix car rentals resources

Bureau of Motor Vehicles in St Croix USVI:  official BMW website full of useful information on drivers, registering a motor vehicle, car insurance, accidents, etc.

BMV Address: RR 02, Christiansted, St Croix 00820, U.S. Virgin Islands
BMV Hours of Operation:
Tuesday 8AM–3PM
Wednesday 8AM–3PM
Thursday 8AM–3PM
Friday 8AM–3PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 8AM–3PM
BMV telephone  Phone: 340-713-4268        Email: 


Photos of Rental Cars and Jeeps in St. Croix US Virgin Islands


Scuba diver using his rental car in St Croix at Cane bay Beach.

car St Croix left side

Don’t forget: we drive cars in St Croix on the LEFT SIDE!

jeep rental saint croix USVI

Beautiful view driving a Jeep on the North Shore in Saint Croix UISVI

ocean view St Croix

Drive your Jeep rental to the top of the hills for the most spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea!

car cruzan st croix

Drive your rental car to Cruzan Rum St Croix.  Just be careful driving back

jeep rental rain forest St Croix

Driving a jeep rental in St Croix through the rain forest with Tan Tan Tours is a lot of fun!

car animal Virgin Islands

Please drive slowly and respect the animals.  It’s their island, after all.

car on St croix beach

Drive your Jeep on St Croix beaches!

St Croix jeeps are great to hit remote, uncrowded beaches.

car driving on St Croix north shore

Car driving on St Croix north shore

rental car villa st croix

Park your rental car at a villa in St Croix

jeep flamboyant St Croix

Jeep under a Flamboyant Tree in St Croix

St Croix rental car = freedom!

Don’t sink your rental car!


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