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Turtle Beach on Buck Island

About Turtle Beach St. Croix – 2024 Update & Guide

Turtle Beach Buck Island is voted one of the top 10 prettiest beaches in the world.  Located on Buck Island 1.5 miles off the coast of St Croix.   It is simply stunning….no other word can describe it better!  It is a long stretch of sugary white sand and crystal clear waters. Lay on the powdery sand and soak up the sun’s rays. It’s a great spot for swimming and Buck Island snorkeling because the currents here are not strong. It’s also great for walks on the beach, hiking around, and a nice lunch (if you bring it…there are no restaurants or bars here). There is not much shade here on this Buck Island beach so be sure to pack your sunscreen and a wear a hat.

Turtle Beach Buck Island St Croix Us Virgin Islands
Turtle Beach Buck Island in St Croix US Virgin Islands

Turtle Beach Buck Island’s main attractions are its incredible beach, a 4000-acre barrier reef housing over 250 species of fish, and an underwater snorkeling trail. Buck Island is a protected Landmark of the National Parks and is uninhabited by people, so there are no Buck Island resorts or hotels.   On the East Side of the island you’ll find some of the best snorkeling in the US Virgin Islands, and certainly the best snorkeling in St Croix. Beginners can snorkel Buck Island’s coral grottoes with advice and a short lesson from the boat crew. You’ll find here the famous Buck Island underwater trail sure to delight people of all ages. As of 2024, up to six people at a time can go on the trail along with a guide.

Amazing 4K video of Turtle Beach St Croix. Check it out!

Swim with turtles

Living up to its name, Turtle Beach Buck Island is one of the best spots to spot sea turtles and even swim with turtles.  The protected habitat of the island provides a natural place for turtles to occupy, similar to what you find when you swim with turtles in St. Thomas.

Regarding other marine life, Turtle Beach St Croix is known for its schools of blue tang, angelfish, parrotfish and many other beautiful and exotic fish. There are also usually a number of sea turtles hanging out here as well. And lots of beautiful corals of all shapes, colors and sizes!  

So put on your mask, snorkel and fins and take in all the underwater views offered by Buck Island snorkeling!

Here’s the official NPS Guide to Diving and Snorkeling in Buck Island St Croix (download pdf)download pdf file

Turtle Beach on Buck Island St Croix Us Virgin Islands usvi caribbean beaches
Catamarans at Turtle Beach on Buck Island

When you’re done with swimming or snorkeling, you can have lunch on the island before you hop back on your boat for a relaxing sail back to the mainland of St. Croix after your memorable day at this Buck Island beach.  A true “bucket list” thing to do this year on your 2024 holiday in St. Croix.

Turtle Beach Map

map turtle beach buck island st. croix virgin islands
Map of Turtle Beach on Buck Island

Turtle Beach St. Croix map print as pdf download pdf file

Buck Island History

People have been coming to Buck Island St Croix for over 2000 years to enjoy its amazing beaches and marine life.  More recently, when the Kennedys visited St. Croix in the ’50s they stopped over at Buck Island and were so impressed with the island that they wanted to preserve it for future generations .

Returning home, they put in motion the steps which would eventually result in Buck Island becoming a protected National Park as well as Buck Island Reef National Monument is now one of only two Underwater National Monuments in the United States.  History buffs can read the actual Buck Island legislation here (or download pdf) which President John F. Kennedy introduced in 1961. 

Being a National Monument protects a complete coral reef ecosystem and many endangered species.  Size-wise, the island is a mile long and and a quarter-mile mile wide.  It hosts the breeding grounds of a number of protected animals as well as a protected marine area of 19,000 acres. The beach is a nesting ground for Hawksbill sea turtles (read as pdf) and the island a nesting ground for endangered brown pelicans and other wildlife. Read more about this amazing Buck Island reef ecosystem here (pdf). download pdf file

Fun fact: although Buck Island’s size is over 19,000 acres, only two hundred acres are above the water!

Official National Park Service Film about Buck Island (must watch!)

And here are the NPS’s recommendations of things to do on Buck Island (print pdf).download pdf file

Also worth watching is this official National Geographic video of Buck Island underwater reef, America’s first protected marine environment.


In 2024, Turtle Beach St Croix has restrooms, grills and a picnic area provided and maintained by the National Park Service. There are also a fair amount of shade trees to take a break from the sun.

Getting there

Buck Island St Croix is accessible only by boat or kayak.  There is no fee to access the island on a private boat, but a permit is required.  Here are the Buck Island boat permit details (print pdf).download pdf file

Buck Island tours for 2024

Most visitors to St. Croix usually use a Buck Island tour operator.  Since it is a National Monument, you can select from 6 official tour operators that can transport you to and from the island.  Most leave from the boardwalk in Christiansted, for either a half-day tour or a full-day tour. Tour prices can vary based on the season. Unless you charter a private tour, all operator will take you to the same places. 

Half-Day Tours:  Prices range from $60-85/person depending on season.   Both morning or afternoon trips are offered, and the tour length is around 3 1/2 hours. Tour timings are usually 9am-12:30pm and 1pm-4:30pm.

Full-Day Tours:  Full-day Buck Island tours are usually around 6 hours long and can cost $105-$120 per person.  Check around with different tour companies to see who has the best deal. 

What’s the difference between the half-day and full-day tours?  On the full-day tours is that you get more time on Turtle Beach and in the water, especially for snorkeling.  Full-day also includes lunch lunch on the beach before returning to Christiansted.  So choose which option fits your budget and time schedule, but for sure, if you have the time and budget then the full-day Buck Island tour will provide more memories! 

Buck Island tour companies

Here is a list of companies providing Buck Island tours in 2024 who can take you to Turtle Beach; their fees are usually based on either full or half-day excursions:

Big Beard’s Adventure Tours — leaves from the Christiansted Harbor.  Office: 1247 Queen Cross St at The Caravelle Hotel, Christiansted, St. Croix   Tel:  340-773-4482   —  Half-day Buck Island tour prices (view as pdf) download pdf file  —  Full-day prices (view as pdf) download pdf file

Caribbean Sea Adventures —  Leaves from the Christiansted Harbor. Office: 59 King’s Wharf, Christiansted.  Leaves from the Christiansted Harbor  Tel: 340-773-2628  — print Half-day Buck Island tour prices (pdf) download pdf fileFull-day Buck Island tour prices (pdf) download pdf file  —  download Buck Island Snorkeling tour prices (pdf) download pdf file

Jolly Rogers Charter —  Leaves from the Christiansted Harbor.   Tel:  340-513-2508   —  Buck Island tour prices (pdf) download pdf file

Teroro 2:  phone 340-718-3161, email   Leaves from Green Cay Marina. Tel: 340-718-3161, email teroro@msn.comdownload Buck Island tour prices (pdf) download pdf file

Dragonfly  Leaves from Green Cay Marina

What to take on Buck Island tours

Sunscreen & Sunglasses & hat
Beach Towel and bag

If you have GoPro, this is a great place to get some underwater photos and videos!

Most operators provide snorkeling equipment on the tour, so you don’t have to worry about bringing goggles, a snorkel or fins. But always check first!

Here’s some FAQs for Buck Island tours (view as pdf).download pdf file

Turtle Beach St Croix FAQs

Where can I swim with sea turtles in St. Croix?

The best places to swim with sea turtles in St. Croix are Turtle Beach on Buck Island, Turtle Cove, around the Frederiksted pier, Cane Bay, and Sandy Point Beach.

Is it worth going to Buck Island?

Yes if ~$100 for a 6 hour adventure won’t strain your budget. You will experience an absolutely pristine beach and spectacular snorkeling with zillions of colorful tropical fish. Alternatively, you can enjoy amazing snorkeling for free at most St. Croix beaches and reefs.

How long is the boat ride from St. Croix to Buck Island?

Boat rides to Buck Island typically take 40 minutes to 1 hour, and possibly a bit longer if sailing in weak winds. Most boats leave Christiansted boardwalk twice a day for trips to Buck Island & back.

How to get to Buck Island Beach St. Croix?

Most people get to Buck Island beach (aka Turtle Beach) by boats departing Christiansted boardwalk twice a day. Alternatively, you can charter catamarans or sailboat tours and leave from Green Cay marina.

What is special about Buck Island?

Buck Island is special because it is one of only 2 federally-protected underwater marine national monuments. The beach, reef, underwater trail, and whole island are absolutely untouched. No development is allowed, or permanent structures, ensuring the natural habitat remains undisturbed for local animals and sea life.

Why is Buck Island famous?

Buck Island St. Croix is famous for its rich 400-year history, amazing diversity of land and sea life, protected national monument status, and jewel of the Caribbean.

Where can you do snorkeling with sea turtles in St. Croix USVI?

Turtle Beach Buck Island is the best place for snorkeling with turtles in St. Croix. Other good spots include: Frederiksted Pier, Cane Bay beach, Turtle Cove, and Sandy Point beach.

More Buck Island Beach Videos

Here are some other nice video about Buck Island Beach in St Croix:


No camping:  you are not allowed to camp overnight on Turtle Beach or anywhere else on Buck Island St. Croix.

Open Only daylight hours:  The park is closed from sunset to sunrise to protect nesting sea turtles which come ashore at night. You can anchor your boat within a designated area by permit only.

No pets or vehicles:   Pets, vehicles, artificial light, glass containers and loud music are not allowed on Buck Island St Croix. And you can build fires only in the grills which are provided by the National Park Service. As with other St Croix beaches, you are not allowed to dig for tent poles or beach umbrellas on Turtle Beach, sorry.

YouTube playlist for Turtle Beach Buck Island St. Croix

Other Buck Island resources: 2024 update

Here is an interesting old map from 1799, one of the first to detail the Buck Island and its reef structure:

old Buck Isalnd map
1799 Map of Buck Island

Turtle Beach Photos

A collection of photos, all taken on Buck Island:

Beautiful White Sand on Turtle Beach St Croix Buck Island
Beautiful White Sand on Turtle Beach St Croix Buck Island
Sea Ray at Buck Island St Croix beach
Sea Ray at Buck Island St Croix beach
Picturesque Wood on Turtle Beach St. Croix
Picturesque Wood on Turtle Beach St. Croix
Pelicans Waiting for Lunch on Turtle Beach St Croix Buck Island
Pelicans Waiting for Lunch on Turtle Beach St Croix Buck Island
Late Afternoon on Turtle Beach Buck Island St Croix
Late Afternoon on Turtle Beach Buck Island St Croix
Crystal-Clear Water at Turtle Beach Buck Island in St Croix
Crystal-Clear Water at Turtle Beach Buck Island in St Croix
Buck Island Tours St Croix
Buck Island Tours St Croix
Blue Tang at St Croix Buck Island Beach
Blue Tang at St Croix Buck Island Beach
Beautiful White Sand on Turtle Beach St Croix Buck Island
Beautiful White Sand on Turtle Beach St Croix Buck Island
buck island day trip
Catamaran on Buck Island
buck island st croix clear water
Incredible clear water on Buck Island
walking buck island st croix
Walking on Turtle Beach on Buck Island
turtle beach buck island st croix
Turtle Beach on Buck Island
blue tang fish
School of blue tang off Turtle Beach
boat tours buck island st-croix
Adventure boat parked on the beach
aerial view buck island
Aerial view of Buck island and its large reef
dolphin buck island st croix
A dolphin seen underwater
dolphins swimming buck island st croix
Two dolphins as seen from Turtle Beach
snorkeling on Buck Island in St Croix
Wonderful snorkeling in clear waters!
Spotted Eagle Rays Buck Island St Croix
Spotted Eagle Rays
Turtle on Buck Island
Turtle on Buck Island
snorkeling on Buck Island in St Croix
Great snorkeling on the reef!
Plaque on the underwater trail on Buck Island
Gorgonian coral on the Buck reef

So now you know all about Turtle Beach St Croix and Buck Island St Croix!

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Plan your 2024 visit now to Buck Island and witness it’s wonders!

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