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St Croix airport in 2024

US President Joe Biden leaving St Croix airport STX Henry e Rohlsen Airport US Virgin Islands
US President Joe Biden leaving St Croix airport STX US Virgin Islands

Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (IATA: STX, ICAO: TISX, FAA LID: STX) is located 6 miles SW of Christiansted on St Croix. It is the main airport on St Croix and uses the STX airport code. As of 2024, STX airport is served by three major domestic carriers, regional airlines, as well as cargo and military aircraft.  Luckily, Villa Margarita is conveniently located only 8 miles / 15 minutes from STX!

STX Arrivals and Departures

STX airport arrivals are very fast and easy; just 5 minutes after the plane doors open, you’ll probably already be outside at the open-air baggage claim.  

After your arrival and bag pick-up, head to the airport rental car booths to the left of the baggage claim to pick up your car. 

Departures are equally smooth but it is especially important to remember that STX airport check-in counters have a hard close 1 hour before a flight so you are advised to arrive at STX at least 2 hours before your flight.   

Many visitors assume because it is a US airport, domestic rules apply for airport departures.  They do not.  Definitely, remember you have to go through US Customs and of course TSA plus probably return a rental car.  Accordingly, this can all add up but if you plan well in advance and relax, and your St Croix airport arrivals and departures will be a breeze.  (Unfortunately we’ve already have a few of of our own guests forget this and miss their flights!)  

STX airport code means St Croix!

STX Airport Facilities

As of 2024, the STX airport terminal has working hours from 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Consequently, it’s our favorite of all US Virgin Islands airports. Perhaps St. Thomas airport (STT airport code) is busier, but we like the simple easy-going style of St Croix airport better.

For example, there are free Cruzan rum samples upon arrival at the Rum Kiosk!  Such a friendly welcome to a friendly island.

STX airport code means you are in St Croix 🙂

stx airport snack bar

In terms of amenities, STX airport is a typical island airport: very limited. Inside after you check in, there is a only a small gift & liquor shop.  There is a snack counter where you can get some St. Croix airport food. They serve the food basics like hamburgers, hot dogs, bagged snacks, but don’t expect the range of airport food options you’d find in most the US.

You can also buy duty-free items like rum and other alcohol drinks but be warned that the prices are at least 30% higher than outside St. Croix airport.  Also, there is an ATM machine.

Outside, there is a only a small waiting area with no place to sit.  There are no St. Croix airport restaurants, coffee shops or airport bar outside. So keep this in mind if you’re arriving to meet someone.  Consequently, you might want to bring some food to the airport as a snack.

Getting to St. Croix Airport Map

Here’s a Google map how to get to and from the St. Croix airport.  Click on the map to navigate on a smartphone.

St. Croix Airport Map
Getting to STX Airport Map

St. Croix Airport Map of Terminal

St Croix airport map STX USVI Virgin Islands
St Croix airport map of terminal

STX Airport Parking

There is short-term parking at the airport, which in 2024 costs only $2/hour with a daily maximum of only $10.  Long-term parking rates are lower.

Henry E Rohlson St Croix Airport US Virgin Islands airport code STX
AA flights to St Croix, a popular choice

Airlines flying to St. Croix

Here’s a list of which airlines fly out of St. Croix:

  • Jet Blue (mainly to/from San Juan Airport code SJU)
  • American Airlines (to/from Miami airport code MIA, and seasonally from Charlotte airport code CLT)
  • US Airways
  • Delta (seasonal from mid-Dec until mid-May to/from Atlanta airport code ATL)
  • Seaborne Airlines (to/from St Thomas airport code STT, St Juan airport code SJU)
  • LIAT (to/from Antigua airport code ANU and St Maarten airport code SXM)
  • Cape Air (to St Thomas Airport code STT, San Juan, and Vieques)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle (seasonal, direct flight to/from Copenhagen airport code CPH)  
  • Fly the Whale: a small operator flying from between St. Thomas (STT) and St. Croix (STX)
  • Frontier Airlines (starting service from May 2024)

Judi of Croix
St Croix Airport Rental Car Agencies

STX Airport Rental Cars:

Click here to find more on St Croix car rentals including contact information.

St Croix airport taxi in USVI
St Croix airport taxi service in USVI

STX Airport transportation: taxis and buses:

St. Croix airport taxis can take you anywhere you want to go, but we definitely recommend getting  rental car, unless you plan to spend most your time inside a resort or hotel.

The St Croix Taxi Association provides service to the while island. Click here for St Croix taxi rates.  Taxi rates as of 2024 to key destinations are summarized here, showing the base rate for 2 passengers and fee for each additional passenger in parentheses ( ):

Buccaneer $30 ($15)
Cane Bay $30 ($15)
Carambola $30 ($15)
Chenay Bay $32 ($17)
Christiansted $24 ($14)
Divi Carina Bay $36 ($18)
Frederiksted $18 ($9)
Gentle Winds $26 ($14)   next to Villa Margarita
Green Cay $33 ($17)
La Grange $23 ($12)
Sandy Point $23 ($12)
Salt River $26 ($14)    next to Villa Margarita
Shoy’s Estate $30 ($15)
Sion Valley $23 ($12)
Sunny Isle $18 ($9)
Tamarind Reef $32 ($17)

Additionally, there is a public bus system called VITRAN which services various parts of the island. Buses run between Christiansted and Frederiksted about every 2 hours daily from 5:30 am and 9 pm. Furthermore, they have A/C which is nice. However, there is no service on Sundays.  Bus service is also available at the airport to Christiansted and Frederiksted, with a fare is $1/person. But honestly, the bus system is not very reliable, so you’re much better off renting a car.  After all, there is not much point coming to paradise just to wait at the bus stop, now is there?

The VITRAN bus schedule can be found here:

Uber St. Croix US Virgin Islands

As of 2024, there still is no Uber service operating in St. Croix or any of the US Virgin Islands (including no Uber in St. Thomas or St. John).

Another reason why a rental car makes sense.

STX Real-Time Arrivals Flight Info

Check below for info on today’s flight arrivals & delays at St. Croix airport:

St. Croix Airport FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Is there an airport on St. Croix? What is the airport code? 

Yes. The main airport is the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport located on the South Shore of of the island. The St. Croix airport code is STX. There is also a small seaplane terminal located on the boardwalk in downtown Christiansted. Its airport code is SSB.

Do you go through customs when leaving St. Croix airport?

Yes, all passengers need to clear US customs upon leaving St. Croix and returning home.

How early should I get to the St. Croix Airport?

Arrive 2 hours before your flight, and 2.5 hours if you have checked bags. 

NOTE: check-in counters close sharply at 60 minutes before a flight, so don’t get stranded!

Which airports do you fly into for St. Croix?

There are two St. Croix airports to fly into: Henry E. Rohlson airport (code STX) and the Christiansted Harbor Seaplane port (code SBB). Be sure not to confuse the two.

What airlines fly in and out of St. Croix USVI?

As of 2024, the following airlines fly to and from St. Croix: American Airlines (AA), Delta, JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, Spirit, Silver Airways, and Cape Air.

Does St. Croix airport have TSA PreCheck?

There is no TSA pre-check at St. Croix Airport (STX airport code) in US Virgin Islands.  

Which US cities fly direct to St. Croix?

In 2024, there are direct flights to St. Croix from the following US cities: Miami, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Ft. Lauderdale, and Atlanta.

What’s the best way to travel to St. Croix?

The best way to travel to St. Croix USVI is: a) by plane from Miami, Atlanta or San Juan (Puerto Rico); or b) by cruise ship into Fredericksted. Take the seaplane by Cape Air for a memorable scenic flight.

Does Global Entry work at St. Croix airport (STX)?

As of 2024, there is “variable” Global Entry service at St. Croix airport.   There may be a sign for GE but no dedicated line.  There are no kiosks, so you’ll need to interact with a live CBP officer in any event.  And sometimes even if there is a GE line, it may be longer than the normal line. 

How many terminals are at St. Croix airport in the Virgin Islands?

There is only 1 airport terminal at St. Croix’s main airport (Henry E. Rohlsen airport). 

Does Uber work in St. Croix? Or Lyft?

No. As of 2024, Uber and Lyft DO NOT OPERATE in St. Croix or any US Virgin Islands.

Is there Duty-Free Shopping at St. Croix Airport? 

There is a small duty-free shop in the departure are where you can buy goods and gifts to take home, like Cruzan rum or cosmetics.  Just don’t expect a huge selection of goods like you’d find at a major US airport.  And remember that “duty free” doesn’t mean low price:  for example, rum at the duty-free St. Croix airport departure terminal will be 30% more expensive than you can buy in a supermarket. Airport prices are airport prices, after all. 😐

What is the allowance for Duty-Free Shopping at St. Croix Airport? 

U.S. residents visiting the island of St. Croix, including children, can return to the mainland with $1,600 worth of duty-free imports every thirty days.  This twice the usual $800 limit on other islands and territories, so take advantage of it.  If you happen to go over your $1,600 allowance, you’ll only pay 6% on the next $1,000 of purchases. 
There’s also a special deal on rum purchases.  U.S. residents over the age of 21 can buy rum anywhere on island and return home with five bottles of liquor duty-free, or six if one is produced locally. Cruzan Rum Visitor’s Center will pack your 6 bottles nicely into carrying box with a handle ready for transport.  Airport staff all know how to handle the box and importantly it does not does count as an additional piece of luggage, so you won’t have to pay extra to take it home with you.

Outside of the airport, you can find duty-free shopping in Christiansted here:

Rouge Duty Free:
Address:  Shopping Center, Rte 75 Unit #2, Christiansted, St Croix 00820, U.S. Virgin Islands
Hours:  Opens 9 AM
Phone:  340-773-0054
Rouge Duty Dree #2
Address: Shopping Center, Rte 75 Unit #2, Christiansted
Hours: opens 9 AM
Phone:   340-773-0054
Baci Duty Free
Address: 1235 Queen Cross St, Christiansted
Hours: opens 10:30 AM
Phone:   340-773-5040

Is there any food at the St. Croix airport in USVI?

In departures there is a snack counter serving St. Croix airport food. They serve hamburgers, hot dogs, bagged snacks, pizza and sometime fried chicken, sandwiches and wraps.

For arrivals there is no food or drink facilities, which makes waiting for someone to arrive not very convenient.

Are there any St. Croix airport restaurants?

There are no STX airport restaurants. There is a snack bar in the departures area, but no restaurants inside or outside of the airport.

Latest STX Airport News

Here is some recent news about St. Croix airport in the US Virgin Islands:

UPDATE: STX Runway Reopens After Cargo Plane Makes Emergency Landing – May 14, 2024

JetBlue Airlines Announces New Route to St. Croix – May 8, 2024

Book it: Fly to St. Croix from Newark, New York City from $252 round-trip – April 2, 2024

Aecon-led Team Picked for US Virgin Islands Airports

Frontier Airlines begins service to St. Croix in May 2024 – Feb 2024

Hurricane Hunters Roll Up Operations in St Croix – Dec 8 2023

A New Way to Island Hop Between Puerto Rico and St Croix – Feb 2024

Virgin Islands Port Authority selects Stantec as first ever sole consultant for St. Thomas and St. Croix Airports – Dec 2023

Fly the Whale to Launch Daily Flights Between St. Croix and Puerto Rico March 15 – Feb 2024

Watch the President of the US Leave on Air Force One from St Croix Airport STX in US Virgin Islands in January 2023!

US President Joe Biden’s Departure from St Croix Airport STX in US Virgin Islands January 2023

STX Airport Reviews

Here are the 2024 latest reviews from the web about St Croix airport:

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How to Book a Flight to STX in 2024

There are a number of good online websites to find tickets to St Croix.:

Google Flights to St Croix Airport

KAYAK flights to St Croix Airport STX

EXPEDIA flights to Henry Rohlsen Airport  

ORBITZ flights to STX

CHEAPFLIGHTS flights to St Croix

Of course, if you have the money, you can also book charter flights to St Croix and private flights to St Croix.

Click here for more on cheap flights to St. Croix.

Control tower at night of the Henry E Rohlson airport St Croix Airport code STX US Virgin Islands
Control tower of the Henry E Rohlson airport, also know as the St Croix Airport in US Virgin Islands.

St Croix airport history:

The terminal is about 180,000 ft2 with 10 gates.  Interestingly, the airport in St Croix USVI covers 1,450 acres, which includes a runway of 10,004 x 150 feet. Originally, the US Army 6th Air Force stationed its 12th Bombing Squadron at an airfield called Benedict Field. As a note, antisubmarine patrols flying B-18 Bolo aircraft from November 8, 1941 to November 10, 1942 used this field.

Originally, when a public airport terminal was built in September 1948, it was named the Alexander Hamilton Airport, after Alexander Hamilton who was born on St. Croix.  However in 1996, the airport was renamed the “Henry E. Rohlsen Airport“, to honor Henry Rohlsen, a Virgin Island native who was one of the famous Tuskegee Airmen during World War II.  Consequently the airport terminal underwent a renovation and expansion in 2002, and the runway was extended once again to allow even larger planes to service the island.

Henry E. Rohlson Airport Expansion 2021-2022:

A major STX airport expansion and modernization was announced in 2020.  It aims to make St. Croix airport a modern US airport with style and convenience. 

Here are some airport videos providing a view of the architectural design and plan of the airport expansion:

Video on STX Airport Modernization Plan
Update on STX Airport Terminal Reconstruction

Video on STX Airport Modernization Plan

Update on Henry E. Rohlsen Airport Expansion

This October 2022 video provides and update on the STX Airport modernization plan and progress:

Update on Henry E. Rohlsen Airport Terminal Expansion Project USVI
FedEx St Croix US Virgin Islands moving services
FedEx St Croix USVI

Airport Cargo Services:

Fuel & Maintenance Services:

  • Eagle Wings Flight Academy
  • Bohlke International Airways
  • St Croix Airpark
  • H&H Avionics

Flight Training Schools:

Airport address:

Airport address: Virgin Islands Port Authority, P.O.Box 301707, St. Thomas, VI 00803-1707, Virgin Islands

Here you can find more info about the Henry E Rohlsen Airport:

Main Airport contact telephone and emails: Assistant Executive Director & Airport Manager David W. Mapp Tel: (340) 778-1012 Fax: (340) 778-1033

The official St. Croix airport website can be found here

Time zone: GMT -4
Airport telephone: +1 340 774-1629

Operating company: Virgin Islands Port Authority

Henry E. Rohlsen airport statistics in 2024

Flight distribution per day: Monday (15%), Tuesday (13%), Wednesday (14%), Thursday (13%), Friday (14%), Saturday (16%), Sunday (15%)

Most popular flights from St. Croix:

SJU: San Juan – Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport
STT: St. Thomas (Virgin Islands)
MIA: Miami International Airport
VQS: Vieques
ANU: Antigua

Typical flight time to St Croix USVI:

Miami (MIA to STX): 2 ½ hrs
New York (JFK to STX): 4 hrs direct
San Francisco: 10 hrs
Houston: 8 hrs
San Juan: (SJU to STX): 30 minutes  (San Juan a principal gateway for USVI)

Airport typePublic
OwnerVirgin Islands Port Authority
ServesSt. Croix, United States Virgin Islands
Elevation AMSL74 ft / 23 m
Coordinates17°42′16″N 064°48′06″W

Nearest airports to Henry E Rohlson / St. Croix airport:

St. Thomas Airport (Cyril E. King airport): STT airport code, 45 miles

St. John airport (a small waterplane airport): STJ airport code, 43 miles

USVI Port Authority st croix airportOther resources:

Are you looking for more information about the Henry E Rohlsen Airport which is located on St Croix Island in the US Virgin Islands? Trying to locate or track flights to STX? Here are some additional resources for tourists and travelers to the Saint Croix:

St. Croix Airport Videos

Delta flight to ST. Croix USVI – April 2024
Flying Cessna from STX to STT – Jan. 2024
Fly The Whale from St. Croix – March 2024
new airline flying to St. Croix – February 20, 2024
Landing at Night at STX Airport St Croix (TISX)

HD Video of Jet Blue Plane Flying from STX Airport to San Juan Airport (SJU)

HD Video of Jet Blue Plane Flying from STX Airport to San Juan Airport (SJU)

American Airlines Boeing 737 Departing STX Airport St Croix US Virgin Islands

American Airlines Boeing 737 Departing STX Airport St Croix US Virgin Islands

Hurricane Hunters Flying around STX Airport St Croix USVI

Hurricane Hunters Flying around STX Airport St Croix USVI
Fly the Whale: new operator offering flights from St. Thomas to St. Croix in 2023
USVI welcomes Fly the Whale: new flights in 2023 from STT to STX

Photos of Saint Croix Airport USVI

President Biden leaving STX airport St Croix 2023
US President Biden leaving STX airport St Croix 2023
STX airport renovation
Rendition of STX airport St Croix renovation 2022
STX airport
A view of STX airport St Croix (TISX) from a sea view
STX airport St Croix on arrival from a pilot’s view
military carbo plane unloading at STX Airport
Military cargo plane unloading at STX Airport
St Croix seaport with a Seaborne seaplane
St Croix seaport with a Seaborne seaplane
STX airport rental cars
STX airport rental cars
Google view of St. Croix airport in UVSI
Seaborne Airlines
Seaborne Airlines at St Croix Airport
Flight simulator view of St. Croix airport US Virgin Islands
Flight simulator view of St. Croix airport US Virgin Islands
Saint Croix airport entrance USVI
Saint Croix airport entrance USVI
AA flights to St Croix
AA flights to St Croix airport
LIAT Airlines flights to at St Croix airport USVI
LIAT Airlines flights to St Croix airport USVI
Aerial view of Saint Croix Airport Virgin Islands
Aerial view of St. Croix Airport Virgin Islands
old alexander hamilton airport
Picture of the old Alexander Hamilton airport
cargo terminal
St Croix airport cargo terminal
St. Croix airport pick up zone
St. Croix airport pick up zone
airport rum kiosk
airport rum kiosk
boarding plane at STX
boarding plane at STX
check in counters at St Croix airport STX
check in counters at St Croix airport STX
St Croix airport toilets
St Croix airport toilets
STX baggage claim area
STX baggage claim area
STX waiting area
STX waiting area
waiting area at St Croix airport USVI
Waiting area with airport food bar

St Croix Airport USVI and its STX airport code. Come visit us in 2024!

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