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Best St Croix Beaches 2023

Top 10 Beaches in St. Croix in 2023

St. Croix beaches are considered some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and even in the world, and there’s a good reason why.  Here You can find fine soft white sand to sink your toes into, warm crystal-clear turquoise waters, and intimate, secluded coves surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

Plus there are so many of them, and all incredible.  That’s why we’ve put together our list of the Top 10 Best St. Croix Beaches USVI, to provide a good beach guide to tourists and visitors to our lovely island.  Honestly, it was not easy given the many contenders. But after weeks of hard “research”, lots of sunscreen, and difficulty testing out each one 🙂 here they are below.

Scroll down to see each beach description and beach amenities. And most importantly ENJOY!

top 10 Best Beaches in St. Croix
2022 List of the Best Beaches in St. Croix Virgin Islands

10 Best Beaches in St. Croix

  1. Turtle Beach
  2. Jack’s Bay Beach
  3. Cane Bay Beach
  4. Carambola Beach
  5. Buccaneer Beach
  6. Sandy Point Beach
  7. Rainbow Beach
  8. Hotel on the Cay Beach
  9. Tamarind Beach
  10. Pelican Cove Beach

1. Jack’s Bay Beach 

St Croix beaches Jacks Bay beach US Virgin Islands USVI

10 Best St Croix Beaches: Jacks and Isaac’s Bay Beach


These two are considered “secret treasures” of the island.  But because they simply are the best St Croix beaches we really don’t have a choice here but to share them with you.

You have to hike to reach Jack and Isaac’s Bay St. Croix, but trust us, it is worth the effort. As you see on the St. Croix Beaches Map above, you need to drive to the East End, park your car on the side of the road near Point Udall, and then walk down the dirt road on the right. The first beach which you’ll reach is Isaacs Bay Beach USVI.  You then continue walking over the small peninsula to reach Jack Bay Beach St Croix, and the view will stun you. It looks just like a postcard.  You can arrange to have a guided tour if you’d like.

Keep in mind that due to its location, there are no restaurants or facilities on Jack and Isaac’s Bay beaches. So if you’re looking to have lunch, lay on rental beach chairs with beach umbrellas, or go to a beach bar, there are plenty of other beaches that offer that.  But for sheer natural beauty, we rank Jack and Isaac’s beach as the best beaches in St. Croix USVI. 

2. Turtle Beach

St Croix Turtle Beach Buck Island US Virgin Islands USVI

10 Best St Croix Beaches: Turtle Beach on Buck Island


Turtle Beach St Croix is truly the most beautiful beach you will ever see, consistently ranked in the best beaches in the US Virgin Islands.  Buck Island is an uninhabited island located right off the shore of St Croix, so you have to take a quick boat or kayak ride to reach it.  You’ll find truly some of the best snorkeling available anywhere in the whole Caribbean. The beach (also called Turtle Cove) has white powder sand that feels silky under your toes, and the water is so crystal clear that you almost won’t believe your eyes. 

Here you will find the best snorkeling in St Croix USVI (and quite possibly the best snorkeling in US Virgin Islands). Buck Island reef is a national monument and the marine life and the island are protected.  As a result, Turtle Beach St. Croix remains a beautiful and untouched paradise, and will stay that way for decades to come. And for shooting incredible St Croix beaches pictures, this is one you do not want to miss!  Click here to learn and see more of Turtle Beach St Croix.

st croix beach suite

3. Cane Bay Beach

St Croix Cane Bay beach scuba diving and snorkeling US Virgin Islands USVI

10 Best St Croix beaches: Cane Bay Beach

Swimming  Food  Bars  Parking  Dive shop

Cane Bay Beach St. Croix is a popular family beach.  While less visually impressive than other Saint Croix beaches, it compensates with lots of fun activities. Its calm water makes it ideal for young kids and inexperienced swimmers. And if you’re interested in St Croix scuba diving or snorkeling, Cane Bay Beach is the place to go. You can dive right off the beach and the famous “The Wall” is only 500 yards offshore, where the water suddenly drops to incredible depths of 13,000 feet.

You’ll also find beach lounge chair rentals, beach umbrella rentals and snorkeling gear rentals are here, which are popular with visitors.

Cane Bay Dive Shop is located directly across the street from the beach. There are also a few good restaurants around:  Off the Wall or Above the Cliff for drinks or light meal, The Waves at Cane Bay for a higher-end experience, or Villa Margarita’s absolute favorite Rowdy Joe’s… we ate the superb fish tacos here straight for 2 weeks and still could not get enough!  Also try the Cane Bay Beach Club; it is one of the most popular spots for authentic St Croix nightlife!

Here’s the St.Croix beach cam located at the beach.

Click here to see and learn more about Cane Bay Beach St Croix.

4. Carambola Beach

St Croix Carambola Beach resort US Virgin Islands USVI

10 Best St Croix Beaches: Carambola Beach

Swimming  Chair rental  Umbrella  Food  Hotel  Parking  Taxi  Bars  Kayaks  Dive shop

Want a St Croix beach holiday in the comfort of a 5* resort? Then Carambola Beach Resort is for you. Big waves here makes it perfect for riding waves, skim-boarding, etc.  Carambola Beach St Croix (which is also called Davis Beach) is attached to the Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort & Spa, among the top St Croix all-inclusive resorts. So there are beach lounge chair rentals, beach umbrella rentals, a restaurant, and other great amenities. Since all Saint Croix beaches are accessible to the public, it is easy to park your car in the upper parking lot and then walk down the steps on the left of the resort to the beach; or say you’re going to the restaurant and drive into the resort. Click here for more info on Carambola Beach St Croix..

5. Buccaneer Beach

St Croix Buccaneer Hotel beach resort US Virgin Islands USVI

10 Best St Croix Beaches: The Buccaneer Beach

Swimming  Chair rental  Umbrella  Food  Hotel  Parking  Taxi  Bars  Kayaks  Entry Fee

Located at St Croix’s most upscale 5-star hotel The Buccaneer, what people call the “Buccaneer Beach St Croix” are actually three separate beaches.  The Buccaneer beaches are great because there is so much to do!  Big families of different ages like to come here because they offer something for everyone.  There’s also one of the better beach restaurants in St. Croix USVI and beach bars right at your fingertips.

Whistle Beach is considered by many as the best Buccaneer beach St Croix, just over the hill and favored for its seclusion. You can find it by taking a short walk along a jogging trail. Its simplistic, natural beauty is always a hit with Villa Margarita’s guests.  If you are limited for time, this is a great way to do a “3-in-1” experience of St Croix beaches.

6. Sandy Point Beach

St Croix Sandy Point beach US Virgin Islands

10 Best St Croix Beaches: Sandy Point Beach

Swimming  Parking

As you see on the St. Croix beaches map,  Sandy Point Beach is located on the West End of St Croix and the best on the island for long walks. Simply put, this beach is absolutely stunning and ranked in the top 5 of all best US Virgin Islands beaches. It boasts crystal clear blue water and a 3-mile long stretch of sandy white beach (one of the longest in the Caribbean). This beach is typically not crowded, and often it’s likely that you’ll be one of the only ones there. There is little to no shade here.

And despite being one of the best USVI beaches, be aware that there are no facilities here like beach chair rentals or beach umbrella rentals or beach bars. This beach is only open on the weekends and when there is a cruise ship in port, with the exception of April-August when it is closed entirely due to turtle nesting season. All this exclusivity, however, makes Sandy Point beach St Croix even more rewarding when it is open.

Nature and wildlife lovers can read more about this nature preserve at the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  It’s a pity that one of the best St Croix beaches is closed for a third of the year but the turtles are worth it, for sure.

7. Rainbow Beach

St Croix Rainbow Beach US Virgin Islands USVI

10 Best St Croix Beaches: Rainbow Beach

Swimming  Food  Umbrella  Bar  Music  Parking

Rainbow Beach St. Croix USVI is located on the West End of St Croix closer to Frederiksted.  The water is very calm and the powdery sand is white and beautiful.  The snorkeling at Rainbow Beach is super because there’s tons of interesting sea life and the water stays shallow for a long distance.  There are also bathroom facilities and a fun beach bar & restaurant called Rhythms with live music on most days, and killer drink called “Cruzan Confusion”.  So for a great combination of sucking up some rays and then downing some great drinks, it’s hard to beat Rainbow Beach.  It’s a good choice if you’re looking for scenic St Croix beaches near a cruise port. 

8. Hotel on the Cay Beach

St Croix Hotel on the Cay beach US Virgin Islands USVI

10 Best St Croix Beaches: Hotel on the Cay Beach

Swimming  Chair rental  Umbrella  Food  Hotel  Bar  Paddle Board  Jet Ski Rental

This is one of the most unique St Croix beaches simply because it literally is on its own island just 300 meters from the Christiansted pier.  Hotel on the Cay beach St. Croix is located right in the harbor in Christiansted, and ranks highly among the best US Virgin Islands beaches. Also known as Protestant Cay Beach, the beach has golden powder sand, crystal clear water, and amazing views of downtown Christiansted.  There is something for everyone, making Hotel on the Cay the perfect place to go with a family or group of people.  Aside from the beautiful water, there are so many fun activities, a great restaurant, and one of the coolest beach bars in St. Croix USVI!  There is also a full-service watersports facility offering jet ski rentals, windsurfing, stand up paddleboard rentals, and snorkel rentals, The beach is beautiful and has plenty of beach lounge chairs and umbrellas including beach lounge chair rentals and beach umbrella rentals for non-guests of the hotel. In addition, the beach restaurant offers good food and fast service.  This is an easy & inexpensive “day trip” (3  minutes 🙂 ) from Christiansted, so check out Hotel on the Cay beach.

9. Tamarind Reef Hotel Beach

St Croix Tamarind Reef beach resort US Virgin Islands

10 Best St Croix Beaches: Tamarind Reef Beach

Swimming  Chair rental  Umbrella  Food  Hotel  Bars  Taxi  Parking  Taxi

Tamarind Reef Hotel beach is one of the top St Croix hotels and it is also one of the top St Croix beaches. The Tamarind Beach is wide and sandy and has beach lounge chairs, umbrellas, palm-thatched cabanas, a beach shack, and a bar and restaurant! What more could you ask for?

If you’re interested in fun water activities, the Tamarind Reef Hotel beach offers a good selection for snorkel rentals in St Croix to experience  great snorkeling on the reef and tropical fish just off the beach. This is some of the best snorkeling in St. Croix US Virgin Islands with easy access from the beach. It’s also a good place for kayak rentals in St Croix and that you can rent from the beach shack.  The cabanas and lounge chairs are free for guests, and there are also beach chair rentals and cabana rentals for non-guests.

To see live conditions today, here is the St. Croix beach cam located at Tamarind Beach.

10. The Palms at Pelican Cove Beach

St Croix palms at pelican cove beach US Virgin Islands

10 Best St Croix Beaches: Pelican Cove Beach

Swimming  Chair rental  Umbrella  Food  Hotel  Bar  Taxi  Parking

The Palms at Pelican Cove beach is constantly ranked as one of the top St Croix USVI beach resorts by guests and the beautiful beach is a big reason why.

The sand is soft, the water is a clear blue, and there is some of the best snorkeling in St. Croix USVI around the coral reef just off shore. As shown on the St. Croix beaches map at the top of the page, The Palms is just a few minutes away from Christiansted.  There is no fee to enter and there is also a great restaurant just off the beach that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And the bar serves delicious Cruzan cocktails!  So rounding out our Top 10 Best St Croix Beaches and best Beaches in  US Virgin Islands, the Palms at Pelican Cove beach is a local favorite for a great day & evening at the beach.

Map of St Croix Beaches

st croix beaches map us virgin islands usvi

Map of St Croix Beaches US Virgin Islands

Here’s another, more detailed St. Croix beaches map to show you where all the beaches are located on the island.  Use this handy map to navigate your way around as you explore the variety that St. Croix beaches have to offer.

map of St. Croix beaches US Virgin Islands

Map of St Croix beaches US Virgin Islands

Other beaches in St Croix

Chenay Bay Beach St Croix US Virgin Islands

Chenay Bay Beach

Chenay Bay Beach St Croix is located on the east end of the island and is home to the Chenay Bay Beach Resort. It’s a pretty good beach for snorkeling and renting kayaks,stand up paddle boarding and other water sports and activities. Nice beach bar and restaurant, usually with a good crowd.

Click here for more info on Chenay Bay Beach.

Coakley Bay beach St Croix US Virgin IslandsCoakley Bay Beach

Among St Croix beaches ranked, this beautiful white sandy beach on the East End is rarely populated. Long stretch of sand with moderate amounts of sea grass. Lot of rocks, shells and sea urchins, so shoes are advised. Very good snorkeling and kitesurfing. Good views of Buck Island. Some shade under sea grape trees can be found. Accessible by a dirt road with some parking available.

Columbus landing beach St Croix US Virgin Islands USVIColumbus Landing Beach

Located on the North Shore of the island. Small white sand beach with some spots of pebble. The water deepens quickly and there are many areas with seagrass. A fairly secluded beach except on weekends. Good for swimming, snorkeling and great scuba diving just offshore.  Historically significant Christopher Columbus as landed here during his second journey to the Americas in 1493.

Click here for more info on Columbus Landing Beach.

Cramers Park Beach in St Croix US Virgin Islands USVICramer’s Park Beach

On the East End’s north shore, near Point Udall. A large public park and beach popular with locals for family gatherings and parties. Can get crowded and loud on the weekends. Water is shallow and usually pretty calm, a good spot for kids. Good snorkeling snorkeling, lots of seagrape trees for good shade. There are bathroom facilities, grills, and picnic tables. Camping is also allowed.

Click here for more info on Cramer’s Park Beach.

Divi beach St Croix US Virgin Islands Divi Carina Bar Resort USVIDivi Beach

Located on the South East side of St Croix and home to Divi Carina Bar Resort. Beautiful white sand, palm trees, St Croix water sports, bars and a restaurant and even a casino. The beach stretches over to Grapetree Beach next door, so this is a really nice stretch for long beach strolls.

Click here for more info on Divi Beach.

Grapetree Beach St Croix USVIGrapetree Beach

Located on the East End of the island along the south shore, between Point Udall and the Divi Carina Bay Resort. Peaceful and relaxed beach offering a long length of sand to stroll, sunbathe, or walk the dog. Great for watching sunrise. Calm water protected by reef, which makes it a great spot for swimming and spotting sea turtle. Parking nearby.


Reef Beach St Croix US Virgin Islands

Reef Beach

A small, quiet beach on St. Croix’s East End at Teague Bay. Seagrape trees line the shore, which is sandy but littered with lots of dried sea grass. Water can be a bit choppy. There are some rocks in the water and many areas with seagrass. It is a popular spot for wind surfing.  No amenities other than parking nearby.

Dorch Sand Castle beach St Croix US Virgin IslandsSand Castle Beach

Also known as Dorch Beach.  Located south of the Frederiksted Pier. A nice long stretch of beach with calm waters and good for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling. Easy to spend the entire day here, with a beach side restaurant and bar. Beach chairs rentals and umbrellas also available.

sprat hall beach st croix usviSprat Hall Beach

Located across from Sprat Hall Plantation in Frederiksted, just down the road from Rainbow Beach. A bit rocky with calm waters. Good for swimming and snorkeling. A nice mile-long beach for long walks, thinking, and watching sunsets. No facilities, and while you can park on the roadside, it’s best to take valuables with you.

Below is a full list of St Croix beaches along with the beach facilities and amenities they offer, naturally listing St Croix beach bars :

st croix beaches facilities us virgin islands

St Croix beaches facilities


Here is a selection of YouTube videos showing the beauty of our beaches. Click on any one to watch and enjoy!

youtube video STX beach

Video of top 15 beaches in St Croix

Video of beautiful beaches of St Croix

Video of beautiful beaches of St Croix

Thing to do in St Croix

Thing to do in St Croix

things to do on st croix beaches

Things to do on St Croix beaches

Other beach resources:  find the current weather in St Croix


National Weather Service:  current weather in St Croix US Virgin Islands


Current marine and water conditions in St Croix


So there you have it: the Best Beaches in St Croix USVI and Best US Virgin Island Beaches!

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