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St Croix Flyboarding and Jetpack Thrills

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Welcome to the newest watersport craze — Flyboarding!  Take a high-octane flight strapped to powerful waterjet boots rocketing you 30 feet in the air as you do loop-the-loops in midair!  St Croix flyboarding is the perfect antidote to a sleepy island vacation. Feel the need for a rush? Then head on over to one of the St Croix flyboarding / jetpack operators, strap ’em on, and become Rocket Man.

As crazy as it seems, it’s totally safe. Trained instructors will guide you through the motions on top-quality gear and always with safety first. Whether you chose a back-mounted Jetpack or foot-mounted Flyboard, you’re bound to have the thrill of your life.

The St Croix flyboarding operators will also make sure you get great photo shots & videos, so you can take your memories home with you and have lots to tell friends & family about your “sleepy little vacation on St Croix”!

Here are the top operators to choose from for fly board rental in St Croix:

Fly Board Rental in St Croix

West End Water Sportsfly board rental st croix virgin islands

Location: Frederiksted
Phone: (340) 277-8295

The ocean is our playground! We offer guests a wide range of water sports. So if you want to experience the awesome new sport of flyboarding, cruise on some jet skis, paddle around on a kayak or stand-up paddle board, grab some snorkeling gear, or just grab a float and a rum drink and never leave the water, this is your place! We’re a completely customer-driven business, and we strive to make every experience memorable. Come join us for maximum beach fun! We’re located on St. Croix’s famous Rainbow Beach and right in the middle of all its activities.

Feel like some St Croix Flyboarding today?

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