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St Croix Vacation Rentals – Save 30% with direct booking

“I like paying all those crazy fees on my vacation rentals”

No one. Ever

Tired of paying all those fees on your vacation rentals?

Then be smart and save 30% by booking your next St. Croix beachfront rental directly from the owner here.

Say goodbye to all those crazy “service” fees, “booking” fees, “host” fees, damage deposits, and hidden fees that increase the price by up to 30-50%!

Save $$$$, get more amenities, and enjoy more privacy.

best st croix vacation rentals US virgin islands

Best St. Croix Vacation Rentals by Owner

⭐ Top Pick: Villa Margarita

Spectacular 180º seaviews from every Suite.

Best beachfront deal in St. Croix: from $150/night.

Sleep to waves just feet away.

No booking fee, damage deposit or hidden fees.

Ideal North Shore location. No mosquitos 🙏

Gated and secluded for privacy, yet minutes from restaurants & activity.

best price guarantee in st croix

Guaranteed Lowest Price in St. Croix: find a better price on a similar beachfront villa with pool, and we’ll beat it!

If Villa Margarita is already booked, try one of these excellent alternatives. Click on any for full details & photos.

(Owners: email us to update your property contact info)

Villa Concordia St. Croix vacation rentals
Villa Concordia: 2 BR, 2 bath, 6 ppl. Ocean view, pool. $490/n
moonwalk villa st croix vacation rentals virgin islands
Moonwalk St. Croix: 2 BR, 2 bath, 6 ppl. Oceanfront, pool. $385/n
Avalon St Croix vacation rentals USVI
Avalon St Croix vacation rentals: 2 BR, 2 bath, 4 ppl. Hills, oceanview, pool. $550/n
Vista Del Mar St Croix rentals USVI
Vista Del Mar St Croix: 3 BR, 4 bath, 6 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $650/n. East End.
Villa Madeleine St Croix
Villa Madeleine St Croix: 2-4 BR, 2-4 bath. Sea view, pool. $250-350/n.
Judith’s Fancy vacation rental: 3 BR, 4 bath, 6 ppl. Beachfront, pool. $1000/n.
North Star Villa St Croix: 2 BR, 2 bath, 4 ppl. Oceanfront, pool. $700-800/n.
Villa Yellow Coconut St Croix sunrise
Villa Yellow Coconut: 3 BR, 2 bath, 6 ppl. Pool, seaview. $450-500/n.
Paradise Found St. Croix: 3 BR, 2 bath, 6-10 ppl. Beach, pool. $830/n.
Carlisle House St Croix US Virgin Islands
Carlisle House St. Croix4 BR, 4 bath, 8 ppl. Hillside with ocean view, pool. $630/n.
Five O Clock on the Hill St Croix rental house
Five O Clock on the Hill: 5 BR, 6 bath, 12 ppl. Oceanfront, pool. $680/n.
Seaview Estate St. Croix vacation rental
Seaview Estate St. Croix: 4 BR, 4 bath, 14 ppl. Hillside, pool. $1000/n.
Betsy's Jewel St. Croix
Betsy’s Jewel St. Croix: 6 BR, 4 bath, 12 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $950/n.
Vista de la Isla Villa St. Croix USVI
Vista de la Isla Villa: 3 BR, 3 bath, 8 ppl. Beachfront, pool. $500/n. East End.

cotton house by the sea st croix vacation-rentals virgin islands
Cotton House by the Sea: 3 BR, 3 bath, 6 ppl. Waterfront, pool. $800/n.
Villa Panorama St Croix vacation rentals
Panorama: 4 BR, 3 bath, 8 ppl. In hills, oceanview, pool. $600/n
Miss Bea Haven St Croix vacation rental
Miss Bea Haven: 3 BR, 2 bath, sleeps 6. Oceanview, pool. $350/n. East End.
Blue Views St Croix vacation rentals
Blue Views St Croix: 3 BR, 4 bath, 6 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $750/n. Grapetree.
White House Estate St. Croix:
White House Estate: 4BR, 5 bath, 8 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $800/n.
Gentle Winds St Croix condo resort beach
Gentle Winds St. Croix: 2-3 BR, 4 bath, 6-10 ppl. Beach, pool. $250-400/n.
Hibiscus Beach House St. Croix pool
Hibiscus Beach House St. Croix: 2 BR, 2 bath, 4 ppl. Beach, pool. $370-450/n.
Top Of Shoys St Croix pool
Top of Shoys: 4 BR. 4 bath, 8 ppl. Pool, seaview. $675-750/n.
Pelican Perch St Croix villa seaview
Pelican Perch St. Croix: 2 BR, 1 bath, 6 ppl. Pool, ocean view. $450/n.
Whispering Palms St Croix sea view
Whispering Palms villa: 6 BR, 4 bath 12 ppl. Pool, seaview. $550/n
Sea View Play St. Croix Villa for rent
Sea View Play St. Croix6BR, 7 bath. Oceanfront, pool. $725/n. Cane Bay.
South shore villas St Croix USVI
South Shore villa4 BR, 2 bath, 8 ppl. Hillside w/ ocean view, pool.
Villa At Rainbow Cliffs vacation rental US Virgin Islands
Rental At Rainbow Cliffs: 2 BR, 3 bath, 6 ppl. Oceanfront, pool. $470/n
Herman Hills St Croix
48 Herman Hills St Croix: 4 BR, 4 bath, 8 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $725/n.
corals edge st croix
Coral’s Edge St. Croix: 4 BR, 3 bath, 8 ppl. Oceanfront, pool. $630/n.
Pearl at Cane Bay St Croix house to rent
Pearl at Cane Bay: 1 BR, 2 bath, 2 ppl. Oceanfront, pool. $500/n. Cane Bay.
Dragonfly St. Croix home to rent USVI
Villa Dragonfly St. Croix: 5 BR, 4 bath, 10 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $550/n. Cane Bay.
Salty Pier Beach House: 2 BR, 2 bath, 4 ppl. Beach, pool. $250-900/n.
Villa Nirvana St Croix pool
Villa Nirvana St. Croix: 4 BR, 4.5 bath, 10 ppl. Pool, oceanview.
Villa Bliss St. Croix: 2 BR, 2 bath, sleeps 6. Pool, seaview. $525-600/n.
VRBO St Croix USVI vacation rentals east end Two Palms pool
Two Palms Villa: 3 BR, 3 bath, 6 ppl. Beach, pool. $750/n.
Rainbow Cove St Croix ocean view
Rainbow Cove St Croix: 3 BR, 4 bath, 6 ppl. Beachfront, pool. $525/n. Grapetree.
Bit O Paradise St. Croix
Bit O Paradise St. Croix$4 BR, 5 bath. Oceanfront, pool. $625/n. Cane Bay.
Villa Golden Blue St Croix
Villa Golden Blue4 Br, 4 bath, 8 ppl. Hillside w/ oceanview, pool. $500/n
East End Overlook St. Croix villa
East End Overlook: 4 BR, 3 bath, 4 ppl. Hillside, oceanview, pool. $500/n.
Surf Sound North Shore rental St Croix
Surf Sound North Shore: 3 BR, 4 bath, 6 ppl. Beachfront, pool. $750/n
Judith’s Escape St. Croix: 4 BR, 5 bath, 10 ppl. Ocean view, pool. $850/n.
Hummingbird Beach Hideaway St Croix: 5 BR, 7 bath, 16 ppl. Beachfront.

Luxury St. Croix Vacation Rentals and Homes

Surrounded by some of the most stunning natural beauty the Caribbean Sea has to offer, Saint Croix regularly attracts sophisticated and affluent travelers seeking peaceful, secure and secluded vacation experiences to remember.

Below is a priority selection of the finest St. Croix luxury rentals by owner for the most discerning clientele.

Some are in the hills with stunning seaviews and some are the best St. Croix beach house rentals on the market.

Villa Miramar St. Croix luxury
Miramar Villa St. Croix: 5 BR, 6 bath, 12 ppl. Beachfront, pool. $2200/n. East End.
Tranquility estate st. croix vacation rentals
Tranquility Estate St Croix: 5 BR, 4 bath, 10 ppl. Ocean view, pool. $830/n
Sugar Bay House St Croix luxury rentals
Sugar Bay House: 6 BR, 6 bath, 16 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $1200/n.
Madeline Great House St. Croix luxury homes to rent USVI
Madeline Great House St. Croix: 3 BR, 4 bath, 8 ppl. Ocenview, pool. $1150.
Buena Vista Villa rental
Villa Buena Vista: 5 BR. 6 bath. Oceanview, pool, $575/n. Catarina’s Hope.
FantaSea St Croix Vacation Rental
FantaSea St Croix Vacation Rental: 5 BR, 3 bath, 10 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $800/n.
prosperity point st. croix vacation rentals virgin islands
Prosperity Point St. Croix: 6 BR, 8 bath, 12 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $1500/n.
The Beach House St Croix vacation rental USVI
The Beach House St. Croix: 7 BR, 6 bath, 20 ppl. Beachfront, pool. $1400/n.
Kings Ocean Beach House beachfront rentals St Croix
King’s Ocean Beach House: 2 BR, 4 bath, 4 ppl. Beachfront. $1100/n. Rainbow.
Estate Belvedere St Croix
Estate Belvedere St Croix: 6 BR, 6 bath, 14 ppl. Pool, oceanview. $900/n.
Villa Santa Cruz St Croix
Villa Santa Cruz: 4 BR, 5 bath. Beachfront, pool. $950/n. North shore.
Villa Kestrel Heights St. Croix
Kestrel Heights St Croix Villa: 4 BR, 12 ppl. Pool, ocean view. $900/n.
OilVilla St Croix vacation rentals virgin islands
OliVille St Croix : 5 BR, 5 bath, 10 ppl. Hills, some seaview, pool. $950/n
Polaris Pointe St. Croix: 7 BR, 9 bath, 20 ppl. Ocean view, pool. $2000/n.
green cay with envy St Croix USVI
Green Cay villa4 BR, 2 bath, 7 ppl. Ocean views, $450/n
Villa Paradiso St Croix seaview
Villa Paradiso St Croix: 3 BR, 4 bath, 6 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $550/n. East End.
Solitude Sands St. Croix: 3 BR, 4 bath, 8 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $1300/n.

More about Villa Margarita St. Croix beachfront vacation rental

St. Croix rentals on the beach often cost $4000-6000 per week.  Not everyone can afford paying that much, and we wanted to provide an authentic St Croix experience at an affordable price.  Our Margarita is a much-needed addition to the St Croix vacation rentals market and a rare property offering 180° seaviews in every Suite just feet from the water!

Why stay in a hotel room when you can enjoy the space and privacy of a beachfront rental vacation home for the same price?  Enjoy the freedom of grilling fresh local fish on the pool, deck, leisurely making breakfast in your own private suite, watching an incredible sunrise on your balcony, walking along the beach, or stargazing the night away in the pool. 

Villas can actually work out cheaper, because you’re not dropping $200 every day eating out. 

We offer individual suites with private living rooms, bedrooms, kitchenettes, baths, and balconies, in addition to facilities expected in a luxury home (beach, pool, outdoor bar and dining areas).  

Some guests choose to rent the whole place, especially for:

Others choose to rent individual suites and benefit from the overall amenities only a private home can offer.

Every guest enjoys the good life in an elegant beachfront home that links St Croix’s intriguing past with today’s most luxurious lifestyles. This charming star of the St Croix vacation rentals USVI scene overlooks the sea with a stunning view of the Salt River Bay where Columbus arrived with his fleet in 1493. History is literally at your fingertips!  

Villa Margarita offers the perfect combination of privacy and community, which is hard to find on the island.  But don’t just take our word, read the hundreds of 5* perfect reviews that all our guests have given us at Trip Advisor, and then book your perfect 2024 holiday with us. Whether you’re looking for St Croix apartment rentals, homes to rental or condo rentals, monthly rentals or weekly rentals, we can offer you a fabulous beachfront experience.  Come experience this gem of St. Croix beach house rentals!

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Top St Croix Vacation Rentals by Owner – video walkthroughs

St. Croix Vacation Rentals FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I rent directly from the owner?

Yes, and renting directly from the owner will save you on average 20-25%. That’s the total fees and commissions charged when you book using a middleman like VRBO,, Expedia, Airbnb, Orbitz, etc. Booking directly allows you to save these fees and have more $$ to spend on your vacation in St. Croix.

Choosing a rental by owner also puts you in immediate touch with the owner before you book, allowing you to ask questions about the vacation rental to make sure it’s the right choice for you. It also allows the owner to accommodate any special requests you might have, which you can’t do through a booking website.

Is there a minimum stay required?

Most St. Croix vacation rentals require a 7-night minimum. Some will accept shorter stays like 4-5 nights. This is because, unlike hotels, they don’t have permanent full-time staff like cleaning and reception on call, which makes short stays and high turnover impractical.

Why St. Croix?

St. Croix maintains a relaxing atmosphere and has preserved its wonderful environmental treasures, from pristine beaches to lush rainforests and rolling open plains where animals still roam freely. Staying in a private beachfront vacation rental enhances the surrounding beauty of the Caribbean and provides more lasting memories.

So whether it’s your couples’ getaway, a family vacation or reunion, or your honeymoon in 2024, you simply can’t beat the oceanfront luxury vacation rentals and private homes lining St. Croix’s virgin beaches.

When should I place a booking?

For the peak season of December to April, it’s best to book 6-9 months in advance. May through November is more relaxed, but popular rentals can still be booked 4-6 months in advance.

How much is the deposit and when do I need to pay?

Most St. Croix vacation homes for rent require at least 50% deposit at booking when you book and the remainder 30-60 days before arrival. Some rentals require 100% advance payment.

When is the peak season in St. Croix?

Like most the Caribbean, the St. Croix peak season is December until May. Vacation rentals usually lower their pricing from May 15 until Dec. 1.

Here’s the best times to visit St. Croix USVI (pdf).

Where are the best places to stay in St. Croix?

The best places to stay are: 1) beachfront villas, 2) vacation rentals, 3) beach resorts and 4) charming St. Croix boutique hotels.

What are the best areas to stay in St. Croix? Most frequently mentioned areas are the North Shore & Cane Bay, the East End, Christiansted and Frederiksted.

You can read more here about the Best Places to Stay in St. Croix USVI.

What’s the usual cancellation policy for a vacation rental?

There is no standard policy, but most St. Croix vacation rental homes cancellation policy is the following: a full refund with 30-60 days notice, 50% refund with 15-30 days notice, and no refund less than 15 days.

Keep in mind that the cancellation policy often reflects that flights to St. Croix are usually limited and often booked especially in peak season. This is particularly the case in 2023 after American Airlines cancelled a main route from Miami. Therefore it’s usually difficult for an owner to fill last-minute cancellations, so the cancellation terms reflect this.

If an owner can fill the property, most are more than happy to provide a full refund. It’s always good business to treat people fairly. Read more about standard St Croix vacation rentals terms and policies (pdf).

What if my trip is cancelled because of COVID?

Each vacation rental has different policies, so always check before you book. Villa Margarita offers a 100% guaranteed refund for any cancellation due to COVID with a bona fide reason.

What forms of payments are accepted?

St. Croix vacation rentals usually accept major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express), checks, cash, Paypal, Venmo, and sometimes ApplePay if the owner has a stateside account.

I’ve heard of people getting scammed on VRBO and AirBnB. How to avoid vacation rental scams? How do you know if a vacation rental is legit?

Unfortunately there are scammers out there preying on people, so here are tips on spotting & avoiding vacation rental scams:

1. Book directly from a verified vacation rental’s website.

2. Check the rental’s reputation on TripAdvisor. Fresh reviews are a good sign it is legitimate because scams get exposed quickly on TA, and most scammers would probably avoid TA for this reason. Even better if they have a verified TripAdvisor account (there will be a link to the property’s website).

3. Google the vacation rental’s name for a bad reputation or any history of scams.

4. Look for typos or strange wording on the website or in email communications with you. Scammers are often international and not native English speakers.

5. Call the phone number on the website and speak with a real person. Ask detailed questions that only a legitimate representative would know.

6. Check if the vacation rental has been verified by Google Business (it should show up on the right side in a Google search) and check its physical location on Google Maps.

Is there an age limit for renting a St. Croix vacation rental?

Yes. Many vacation rentals in the USVI require at least one adult 21 years or older, and many require 25 y.o. or even more for the luxury properties.

Are children allowed?

Most vacation rentals in St. Croix allow children, except those designed for mature guests seeking quiet or those with insurance restrictions. Inquire first with the owner.

Are pets allowed? Can I bring my pet?

Check with the owner. Many owners don’t accept pets. There’s a dedicated website for vacation rental that allow animals called Bring Fido.

May I tip the staff? What is appropriate tipping?

Tipping in St. Croix is always discretionary and you should base it on the service you receive. You’ll find our staff usually go the extra mile to make sure you have a great holiday, and if you’d like to show your appreciation, modest tips or presents are perfectly fine. Our motto is “Always welcome, but never expected”

How to avoid hidden fees?

Often people advertise a low price but then add lots of extra fees. So you need to be careful when booking to understand all the fees and always calculate the the total price to compare rentals.

Specific fees to look out for include:

1. Cleaning fee: most St. Croix vacation rentals charge a cleaning fee, usually $80-200 depending on the home size.

2. “Damage wavier fee”: some also charge a non-refundable damage insurance fee of $50-100, or require a refundable deposit (usually $200-500).

3. Service fees: check whether there are service fees. There most certainly will be service fees if you don’t book directly a vacation rental by owner, i.e. use a booking middleman like VRBO, AirBnB, etc. All these services will charge you an additional 12-20%.

4. Not returning your damage insurance deposit: there are many complaints of owners not returning the full damage deposit, claiming some damage was done. Who needs the stress of having to chase down and get back your deposit after a nice relaxing holiday?

All these fees can add up to a lot. Because we don’t layer on these fees, Villa Margarita is almost always the lowest-price beachfront St. Croix vacation rental.

Here’s a guide on how to how to avoid hidden fees with vacation rentals (pdf).

Are there any no-fees vacation rentals in St. Croix? How to find them?

Yes. Savvy travelers are increasingly booking directly from vacation rental owners to avoid the high booking and services fees which the OTAs and booking websites charge (i.e. VRBO, Airbnb,, etc.) These sites typically charge 20-25% in fees which is pretty excessive.

St. Croix Vacation Rentals is a popular website where you can find many USVI vacation rentals with no fees that will save you a lot of money on your next holiday.

Can you negotiate a discount on a rental?

The simple way to get vacation rental discounts is to visit St. Croix from May through November. You’ll enjoy discounts of 30-40% off peak season prices, less crowds, yet all the great weather, beaches and entertainment of then island has to offer.

Some villa rentals will offer a discount on longer stays (ie. >2 weeks). And it’s also possible to negotiate a discount on a last-minute stay, but often it’s hard to find air tickets available given the limited flights to the island.

How many people can stay in a vacation rental? Is there a charge for extra persons?

Occupancy is different for each rental in St. Croix. Smaller properties allow 2-4 people, while larger ones can accommodate groups up to 20. Most rentals charge different rates depending on the occupancy, which reflects additional wear and tear on the property as well as higher utility usage (which in St. Croix is a major factor….electricity prices in St. Croix USVI are around 50 cents per kilowatt-hour and the bill can get very large very quickly).

Will someone meet me at the airport?

Many vacation rentals offer a “meet-and-greet” service at the St. Croix airport. Check with your rental owner or representative. If not, you can rent a car or take a taxi from the airport. Be sure to download “offline Google map of St. Croix” to your smartphone BEFORE you travel, so you can get pinpoint directions right to the door of your vacation home rental even if you don’t have cellular data service on the island (it works through GPS on your phone).

Will my cell phone work in St. Croix?

Most major US cell phone plans will work in St. Croix USVI, including ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Liberty Mobile. Cell coverage has some holes and cell data transfer speeds are much less than in the US even though LTE & 5G networks are in operation.

Read more here about cell phone service & coverage map in St. Croix US Virgin Islands.

Is there free Internet at a vacation rental?

Most St Croix vacation homes to rent do offer free internet (Villa Margarita offers free 54Mbit/s WiFi), but the island internet speeds may not impress. Keep in mind you’re on an island, and 20-50 Mbit/s is consider a good speed here (as of 2024). Here are the main internet providers to St Croix.

Can I throw a party? Are there noise limits?

Some owners will allow parties as long as they don’t get out of control or disturb the neighbors. Others say no parties allowed. Everyone wants you to relax and have fun, but just keep it reasonable and respect that many visitors are in St. Croix to relax and not be disturbed by loud noise. If your rental is rather remote, then noise is not an issue.

What if I break something in a vacation rental? Am I liable for damage to the property?

Many St. Croix vacation rentals have damage insurance, or charge you a fee for insurance to cover any damage. If it’s minor and not accidental, owners usually will not charge you. However, if there is clear abuse or negligence involved, you may be asked to pay for the damage. Major credit cards sometimes offer some type of coverage, so it’s worth checking your before you go.

Should I buy property damage insurance?

It varies by rental. Some will directly charge the guest, usually $50-100. Others rely on their own policies, or that of the booking agent if done through an agent. It’s always good to watch for any fees which seem excessive, and decline to book that rental.


If you decide to use VRBO St Croix vacation rentals to find your holiday home, we suggest the following villas:

VRBO ST CROIX VACATION RENTALS: THE WHITE HOUSE ESTATE. 3000 sq. ft. 4 bedroom. 5 beds. Sleeps 8. 4 bathrooms. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. Pool. AC. $600/night. VRBO St. Croix vacation rentals USVI – The White House Estate (pdf)

video of The White House Estate St. Croix USVI villa rental

VRBO ST CROIX EAST END – CASA FIESTA. 3000 sq. ft. 6 bedroom. 6 beds. Sleeps 12. 9 bathrooms. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. Pool. Tennis court. Oceanview. AC. $1000/night. VRBO St. Croix east end rentals – Casa Fiesta (pdf)

VRBO SAINT CROIX EAST END: YELLOW COCONUT VACATION RENTAL. 3000 sq. ft. 4 bedroom. 7 beds. Sleeps 8. 5 bathrooms. Pool. AC. Seaview. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. $450/night. VRBO St. Croix vacation rentals east end – Yellow Coconut (pdf)

VRBO ST. CROIX EAST END: TOP OF SHOYS. 5000 sq. ft. 4 bedroom. 4 beds. Sleeps 8. 4 bathrooms. Pool. AC. Seaview. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. $575/night. VRBO St. Croix USVI – Top Of Shoys (pdf)

video walkthrough of Top of Shoys St. Croix vacation rental

VRBO ST CROIX USVI: SEA HORSE VILLA. 3000 sq. ft. 4 bedroom. 7 beds. Sleeps 8. 5 bathrooms. Pool. AC. Seaview. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. $600/night. VRBO St. Croix vacation rentals- Sea Horse Villa. (pdf)

video walkthrough of Sea Horse Villa St. Croix

LUXURY VRBO ST CROIX EAST END: VILLA MIRAMAR. 9500 sq. ft. 5 bedroom. 7 beds. Sleeps 10. 6 bathrooms. Oceanfront. Pool. AC. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. $2200/night. Luxury VRBO St. Croix vacation rentals – Miramar (pdf)

LUXURY VRBO ST CROIX EAST END RENTALS: PARADISE FOUND. 5 bedroom. 6 beds. Sleeps 10. 7 bathrooms. Beachfront. Pool. AC. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. $830/night. This is a true St. Croix beach house rental, right on its own beach! Luxury VRBO St. Croix vacation rentals – Paradise Found (download pdf)

video of Paradise Found St. Croix Villa in US Virgin Islands

LUXURY VRBO ST CROIX EAST END: TEAGUES BAY. 6 bedroom. 6 beds. Sleeps 12. 4 bathrooms. Ocean view. Pool. AC. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. $600/night. LUXURY VRBO St. Croix vacation rental – Teagues Bay (pdf)

VRBO ST CROIX SOUTH SHORE: ESTATE GREAT POND. 3500 sq. ft. 4 bedroom. 7 beds. Sleeps 10. 5 bathrooms. Ocean view. Pool. AC. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. $600/night. VRBO St. Croix vacation rentals – Estate Great Pond (pdf)

VRBO ST CROIX EAST END: HOLLY’S BEACH FOLLY. House bedroom. 3 beds. Sleeps 6. 3 bathrooms. Beachfront. Ocean view. AC. Kitchen. Living Room. Deck/Patio. $600/night. VRBO St. Croix east end Holly’s Beach Folly (details – pdf) reviews (pdf)

VRBO ST CROIX EAST END – YACHT HAVEN . 1450 foot house. 2 bedroom. 3 beds. Sleeps 5. 3 bathrooms. Pool. Ocean view. AC. Kitchen. Living Room. Fitness Room. Washer and Dryer. Views of the Yacht Club. 10 minute drive from downtown Christiansted. Minutes from the Yacht Club, golfing, beaches, snorkeling. Deck/Patio. $420/night. VRBO St. Croix east end Yacht Haven (details – pdf)

VRBO ST CROIX EAST END – EAST END OVERLOOK . 2900 foot house. 4 bedroom. 4 beds. Sleeps 8. 3 bathrooms. Pool. Ocean view. AC. Kitchen. Gated Ridgetop Home with stunning dual shore views. The East End Overlook Main House features mountain, ocean and beach views. The poolside has a view of the famous Contessa’s Castle on the next hilltop. minute drive to 3 beaches, the Island casino, and several restaurants. $460/night. VRBO St. Croix East End Overlook (details – pdf). Reviews

VRBO ST CROIX EAST END – CARLISLE HOUSE . 3500 foot house. 4 bedroom. 5 beds. Sleeps 8. 5 bathrooms. Pool. Ocean view. AC. Kitchen. on a hillside overlooking the Caribbean. Large covered verandah is perfect to sit and enjoy the views and breezes. A/C throughout the villa. Four suites, 2 king, 1 queen and twins. An elegant living area beautifully decorated with rattan and teak furnishings. Fully stocked modern kitchen. VRBO St. Croix Carlisle Villa (details – pdf). Review.

VRBO ST CROIX RAINBOW COVE VILLA . 2750 foot house. 3 bedroom. 3 beds. Sleeps 6. 3 bathrooms. Pool. Beachfront. AC. Kitchen. Each luxurious, comfortable and air-conditioned bedroom walks out to fabulous sea views. Entertaining in the ”Great Room” offers entertainment center wet bar and dining area. Plus enjoy satellite TV, Apple TV & Netflix. Just steps away from the main house is a uniquely whimsical and charming guest cottage with a one bedroom loft. Both the main house and the guest house feature their own refreshing pools. VRBO St. Croix Rainbow Cove Villa (details – pdf). Review.

Using AirBnB St. Croix Virgin Islands

Many people these days jump on AirBnB St Croix to find a place to stay. While you can find nice private homes and apartments to rent that way, there is no escaping the fact that booking through AirBnB adds significant cost vs. booking directly.

4 Disadvantages of Using AirBnB Saint Croix

  1. AirBnB fees paid by guest: This is the biggest problem. They charge you a 12-20% “service fee”. According to their site, guests pay at least 15% extra in these service fees.
  2. AirBnB fees paid by owner: These are another 3%. The guest effectively pays this as well, because owners usually put it in their price.
  3. Cleaning fees: Most rentals you’ll find on AirBnB St. Croix include a cleaning fee of $80-150. You won’t pay that booking directly with places like Villa Margarita.
  4. Hiding the fees: AirBnB is well-known for not showing its fees during a search, preventing you from seeing “apples-to-apples” comparisons on prices.

The Bottom Line: it’s best to book a home rental, apartment rental, or villa rental directly on the property’s website (like Villa Margarita) and save 20-25% vs, using AirBnB St. Croix.

However, if places are booked up and you have no choice, then the following AirBnB St Croix options might be interesting:

Finding the Best Deals on AirBnB St Croix USVI Oceanfront rentals

Click here to find the Best AirBnB St. Croix USVI deals.

Using HomeToGo

HomeToGo is a new travel aggregator based in Germany which aggregates many listings from the major OTA like AirBnB, VRBO, Booking,com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc. It’s a reasonable option if you can’t book direct, but beware you’ll pay the same 25-40% more than booking directly on an owner’s website like here at Villa Margarita.

Click here to find the listings for HomeToGo St Croix.

Using TripAdvisor

We think it’s always best to book directly with the owner to get the best price. But if you’re not particularly price-sensitive then using TripAdvisor is not a bad option.

Here you can check good TripAdvisor St. Croix USVI vacation rentals.

Using Evolve

Evolve is an option to find a vacation rental, but again you’ll be hit with high fees. If you choose this route, then check out Evolve St. Croix USVI vacation rentals.

Using Vacasa to find a St. Croix villa to rent

Vacasa is similar to Evolve. The difference is Vacasa fully manages the properties it lists on its website, while Evolve is a re-seller of listing on sites like Airbnb and VRBO. Like all OTAs, you’ll be charged 25-35% more one way or the other.

As of 2024, Vacasa is not yet operating in the UVVI. But if you want learn more about Vacasa may eventually work on STX, you can read our Vacasa St. Croix USVI vacation rentals page here.

Is there a Margaritaville St. Croix?

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More Traveler Info for Vacation Rentals in St. Croix US Virgin Islands

St. Croix Travel Insurance

You may decide to insure your trip and St. Croix vacation rentals payment with travel insurance. It’s best to first check with your rental owner whether any insurance coverage plan is included in the price of your rental, and if not, then elect to either get private trip insurance or vacation rental insurance. Here are useful resources:

Allianz Travel guide to trip insurance for US Virgin Islands

USVI travel insurance

Travel Insurance for US Virgin Islands from InsureMyTrip

News articles about the local St. Croix vacation rental market


Christie’s International Real Estate Expands With New Virgin Islands Office


The St. Croix vacation home Biden is staying in for free during escape from ‘blizzard of the century’

The Bidens make an island escape ahead of consequential 2024 announcement

A Castle in the Caribbean Sells for $9.5 Million

Resources for Investors Looking for St. Croix Vacation Rentals for Sale

2023: 10 Affordable Caribbean Islands Where You Can Own A Vacation Home

2023: The U.S. Virgin Islands Sees Signs of Resilience Amid Difficulties

average selling prices for St. Croix homes and vacation rentals USVI property for sale by owner
Average selling prices for St. Croix homes for sale by owner from 2014 to 2023

2023: Roller Coaster Real Estate Market Begins to Level Off

St. Croix Vacation Rentals Owners Association

Owners associations are quite useful for vacation home owners. We don’t have one yet in St. Croix, but here are some stateside owners associations that can be handy until we have one.

The Association of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates

A popular Facebook page with a large amount of useful information for vacation home rental owners, mainly in the US.

Vacation Rental Management Association: VRMA

The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) provides best-in-class education, networking, and professional development opportunities to make a difference for you and your company. VRMA works worldwide on behalf of our manager and supplier members to advance the vacation rental industry through education, information, networking, research, and advocacy.

AirBnB Community Center for Rental Owners

An active platform for AirBnB hosts and owners to discuss various issues about their vacation rentals.

AirBnB Subreddit

Going strong now for over 10 years, this Reddit board has an impressive 160,000 members. One of its great features is that you can use the “Hot tab” to show the most popular and trending posts first and find answers to the most topical questions the vacation rentals industry currently is discussing..

You can also sort discussions according to date, explore other subreddits related to vacation rentals, or create topics specific to the St Croix vacation rentals industry.


BiggerPockets is a complete resource for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing. A popular and valuable tool for many St. Croix vacation rentals owners and managers.

Lodgify Blog

The Lodgify blog is hosted by Lodgify, a vacation rental management software company. It’s among the best that we found due to its vacation rental owner-specific information. Much is applicable to any market, including the rentals market in St. Croix. Resources can be found on many topics, inluding:

Yearly travel trends
Vacation rental resources
Marketing tips
App and software recommendations

Trip Advisor Timeshare and Vacation Rental Forum

Part of the TripAdvisor franchise, this forum has lots of travel-related subjects and is specifically dedicated to the short-term vacation rental market. While it is not as big as some of the other forums, new topics appear every day, making it an interesting forum to follow. 

Quora vacation rentals forum

Quora is a great resource for rental owners who want to get answers to their questions. There are various forums at Quora and you can see from the number of members how active it is. For example, the Vacation Rentals forum has 200,000 participants, Vacation Home Rentals forum has 25,000, while the Vacation Homes page has 41,000 members. The Airbnb Product page is the largest at 160,000 members.

An excellent resource for St. Croix vacation rental owners to manage their business.

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