Villa Margarita St Croix USVI

Is there a Margaritaville St Croix?

Margaritaville St Croix

Is there a Margaritaville St Croix?

We get asked this a lot, and we’re a big fan of Jimmy Buffett, so here’s the straight answer: there is no Margaritaville St Croix. But there is something EVEN BETTER!

People often confuse us with Margaritaville St Thomas, a great resort on St. Thomas. It’s a typical all-inclusive high-end resort where you pretty much don’t even have to leave the resort at all, because everything you want is on-site. For travelers seeking an expensive all-inclusive resort holiday, Margaritaville St. Thomas is a good choice.

But if you’re looking to get away from the crowdsVilla Margarita St Croix offers a totally different appeal: to “get away” from overly-commercial packaged holidays with all their noise, crowds and identical format lacking any unique personality. 

Villa Margarita is for people who are looking for a great beachfront home to relax, recharge, and venture out and explore St Croix, one of the few remaining authentic Caribbean island experience.

Nobody beats our prices!

Starting from $159/night for a private beachfront villa with a pool, Tiki Bar, and more!

Escape the overbuilt Caribbean

The Caribbean has become so overbuilt in recent years, which is a pity. St. Croix is the rare exception: strict development laws preserve our island as a true tropical paradise.

This is the actual view from Villa Margarita’s beach:

Margaritaville St Croix beach resort
A pristine & preserved tropical Caribbean paradise!

As you see, our tropical paradise island has been well preserved. In fact, it’s nearly the same pristine tropical landscape that Christopher Columbus saw in 1493 when he landed his ships on St Croix in 1493. BTW, he actually landed his ships only 500 yards away from Villa Margarita!

So if you’re looking for a true tropical island experience away from the crowds, noise and over-commercialism of other islands, then we’d love to host you at quiet & peaceful Villa Margarita St. Croix.

Villa Margarita St. Croix photos

Here’s some more photos of our little “Margaritaville USVI”:

villa margarita seaview margaritaville st croix
villa margarita pool margaritaville st croix
villa margarita Tiki Bar
villa margarita garden

So come enjoy our little version of Margaritaville St Croix!

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Margaritaville St Croix FAQ in 2024

Is there a Margaritaville St Croix?

There is a Margaritaville in St. Thomas USVI. There is a Villa Margarita in St Croix USVI.

What Caribbean islands have a Margaritaville?

There are four Margaritaville resorts in the Caribbean: in Jamaica, in Grand Turk, in Grand Cayman and in St. Thomas USVI.

What part of St. Thomas is Margaritaville?

Margaritaville St Thomas is located on the the eastern end of the island at Water Bay.

Is St. Croix better than St. Thomas?

While similar in language and culture, St. Croix is more laid-back and relaxed, while St Thomas features more lively bars, restaurants, nightlife and upscale shopping. St. Croix is also far larger and offers greater diversity of landscapes and ecosystems.

Does Margaritaville St. Thomas charge resort fees?

There are no resort fees at Margaritaville St. Thomas but there is a $25/day energy surcharge.

Are there any St. Croix all-inclusive resorts?

The Divi Carina Resort and Casino is the only all-inclusive resort on St. Croix USVI.

What’s the current Margaritaville St Thomas seaweed situation?

Unfortunately, Margaritaville St. Thomas gets a lot of sargassum seaweed because it located in a cove. The best way to check the current level of seaweed at Margaritaville St Thomas is to look at live webcams of the beach.

While there are no live webcams of the resort itself, here you can check the current sargassum seaweed levels in St Thomas via live webcams of nearby beaches to get some idea whether it’s a problem or not.

Margaritaville St Thomas menu

Here’s a look at the Margaritaville St Thomas menu just in case you are thinking about staying there instead. As you’ll see, it’s pretty standard resort fare.

Margaritaville St Thomas menu
Margaritaville St Thomas menu

So now you know everything about “Margaritavilla St Croix”, come on down for a wonderful relaxing holiday with us! 🌴