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St Croix Real Estate Market

People regularly visit St Croix, fall in love with the island, and think: “Hey, I could REALLY get used to this lifestyle!”  We know the feeling; we did it ourselves 🙂

And Villa Margarita is your perfect starting point: what better way to plan your new life than in the comfort of a luxurious beachfront villa with great hosts who’ve taken the plunge themselves?

This Caribbean jewel with its heavenly beaches, historical architecture, and superb culinary experiences attracts vacationers from around the world.  Whether you come here to play tennis or golf, to dive and snorkel, or to lounge on sugar white beaches and enjoy eternal sunshine, owning a piece of St Croix real estate market can be the best way to experience this part of the Caribbean.

Luckily, buying a property is not complicated, nor is  moving to or retiring in the US Virgin Islands.  St Croix real estate USVI is particularly vibrant, diverse and full of dream homes you’d love to call your own. 

Because we’re part of the United States, U.S. citizens don’t need to bring their passports. They can speak English and pay with dollars, making traveling here easy and hassle-free. St Croix homes for sale by owner and for rent are also often designed with high standards in mind, so that you never have to compromise on your everyday comforts such as internet access, TV, etc.

Best of all, they’re all under US flag, providing investors the same legal protection and security they are used to in mainland USA.  There are a few local practices in the St Croix VI real estate market which differ slightly, but the best local agents can make you an expert in no time.  Whether you are seeking solace, adventure, a solid family foundation or simply a good investment, there has never been a better time for buying property in the US Virgin Islands real estate market.

Houses here are built for comfort and in harmony with the nature. Mangrove, jungles, sandy beaches and coral reefs often feel like a natural extension of your own garden or terrace. Whether you choose a condo, townhouse, villa or estate on St. Croix, you will feel the natural presence of this beautiful island every day.


St Croix Villas for Rent or Sale

Nothing exemplifies the island lifestyle more than St Croix villas. Brimming with style and comfort, these are places you can always call home, whether you are a permanent or seasonal resident, or just looking for the perfect getaway. There is always a great selection of St Croix homes for sale by owners to help you create your own island paradise, with a wide variety of outdoor activities to experience, amenities to enjoy, and a way of life to cherish.

Features range from gated security, private pools, spacious rooms, and plenty of light. Some offer incredible beachfront locations and sea views, while others are up in the hills offering stunning panoramic views of the Caribbean and neighboring islands.  Offering an alluring level of privacy and comfort, St Croix homes for rent or sale are among the most-sought after residences on the island. Buyers can find villas from the waterfront to the fairway – so your preference for snorkeling or golfing can be the deciding factor for your next home. Whatever you choose, you will always be close to everything else, since the island is only 24 miles long and 8 miles wide.

The highest demand is reserved for beachfront St Croix real estate with an ocean view, like Villa Margarita.  Offering privacy, security and luxury just steps from the incredible turquoise water, these rare villas command the highest prices and appreciation.


St Croix Condos for Rent or Sale

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, buyers are attracted to property that is convenient, comfortable, and easy to maintain.  St Croix condos for rent are a popular part of the local market and regularly experience high demand due to their combined affordability and low maintenance, all while providing access to the island’s main attractions. Obviously, beach house rentals in St Croix USVI experience the highest demand but luckily there is a good selection to choose from.

St Croix condos for sale by owners are available in 31 complexes. They offer everything from balconies, beach access, private pools, and proximity to the towns of Christiansted and Frederiksted.  If you like waterfront condos, you’ll find Pelican Cove, Carden Beach or Candle Reef attractive.  If you prefer hilltop condos,  Villa Madeleine, Coakley Bay and Questa Verde are among the most sough-after properties.  And for golfers, the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course at the Carambola condos is a dream come true.

There is always a healthy selection of St Croix condo rentals by owner, offering so much at your fingertips, from excellent local restaurants and cozy bars to galleries, unique island celebrations and just great laid-back daily life. Vacationers and permanent residents alike will find a choice of great St Croix condos for rent, each with its unique charm.

St Croix Condos for Sale & Condo Rentals:

East End Condos
Candle Reef Condos
Fort Augusta Condominiums
Schooner Bay Condos
Southgate Plantation Condos
Southgate Courtyard Condominiums
Villa Madeleine St Croix Condos
The Reef Condominiums
Coakley Bay Condos
Carden Beach Condos
Kirkegade Hus

West End Condos
Carambola: Sweet Lime Villas I
Carambola: Sweet Lime Village II
Carambola: Saman Villas
Good Hope Condos
Carlton Condominiums
Harbor Beach Condominiums
Sunset Beach Condominiums

Waterfront Condos for Rent
Carden Beach Condominiums
Harbor Beach Condos
Gentle Winds Condos
Cruzan Princess Condos
St. Croix by the Sea Condominiums
Coral Princess Condos
Pelican Cove Condos
Mill Harbour Condos
Colony Cove Condos
Sugar Beach Condos
Club St. Croix Condos
Candle Reef
Sunset Beach Condos

Mid Island Condos
Colony Cove Condos
Gentle Winds Condos
St. Croix by the Sea Condos
Coral Princess Condos
Cruzan Princess Condos
Galleon Reef Condominiums
Bay Gardens
Long Reef Condos
Vista Mar Condos
The Grove Condominiums
Queens Ridge Condos
Pelican Cove Condos
Mill Harbour Condos
Sugar Beach Condos
Club St. Croix Condos
Questa Verde Condos
Peter’s Farm Condos
Maison DePoincy

St Croix Real Estate Areas

The island is divided into various subdivisions called quarters. Each quarter has its own special history, geographical features and community.  Below is a map of St. Croix quarters to help you orientate yourself:

st croix quarters property subdivisions

St Croix Investment Property

Offering unspoiled vistas in every direction, lush terrain, and turquoise pristine waters, the St Croix real estate market in the US Virgin Islands has wisely avoided the overdevelopment so common elsewhere in the Caribbean. Here you can still enjoy a diverse yet relaxed lifestyle filled with culture and recreation. With its historic architecture, old world charm, contemporary dining and shopping, and world-class housing options, this island is an undiscovered diamond. St Croix investment properties have the potential to yield solid dividends for many different types of investors.

A summer lifestyle year-round is possible, due to the stable weather.  So it makes perfect sense to rent out your property whenever you are not using it. Vacationers and longer-term renters are always searching for fine St Croix homes for rent, and many quality property management companies offer turn-key services, leaving you only to collect a sound return on your St Croix investment.

St Croix investments can be anything from a private villa, an estate on the beach to a cliff-side condo. The is also a wide choice in terms of location. On the East End is the historic town of Christiansted, and Buck Island National Park is accessible with a quick boat trip. And on the West End, is beautiful Frederiksted with its famous pier and waterfront promenade, with landscapes ranging from stunning beaches to rainforests.

As the island develops, retailers, resort developers and other commercial interests are also increasingly turning their attention to St Croix investments. Several large companies have already set up business here, and their success is expected to attract many more.

Land development parcels

Whether you are a family hoping to custom-build your dream Caribbean home, or an investor looking to create a luxury resort, St Croix development parcels open a world of opportunity. Available land and can range from superb acreages with postcard ocean views to prime location tracts throughout the island; once you decide what you want, consult one of the top St Croix realtors for advice and guidance to the current offerings.

Consulting professionals early on is crucial because development parcels in the St Croix real estate market are not as easy to locate as they can be in other parts of the country. Additionally, the island does not follow the same community planning and subdivision layout logic as in mainland United States.

St Croix Real Estate Agents reviews

As elsewhere, all investors are advised to seek expert advice from experienced St Croix real estate agencies. Having gone through this process ourselves, we’re happy to make private recommendations based on our own experience buying properties here, and provide you 1st-hand unbiased experience of various agents and companies.  The local market has a number of special characteristics, customs and practices which every potential buyer needs to be aware of.

Despite its small size, there is a surprising-large number of St Croix real estate agents.  Some are seasoned professionals with deep experience in the local market, while others have only recently moved to the island themselves.  Many agents work as dual agents (simultaneously representing the buyer and the seller), which may create conflicts of interest which you need to be aware of.

It’s also worth noting that obtaining a mortgage here is more difficult than in the rest of the US due to the smaller number of financial institutions servicing the market. Additionally, property transactions move more slowly here, frequently taking 9-12 months to close.

For all these reasons, our advice is to do your homework and pick your St Croix real estate agents with care.  We hope you find your dream property, as we have with Villa Margarita!

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st croix usvi real estate market

St Croix USVI real estate market

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St Croix real estate with pool US Virgin Islands

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St Croix beachfront property US Virgin Islands

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