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St Croix Map in USVI

The Best Collection of Maps of St. Croix for Visitors

Every visitor needs a map of St Croix island.  So we put together for you a one of the best collections of maps available to help you plan and get the most out of your holiday at Villa Margarita.  Click on any map to see the full size.

To start, here is a US Virgin Islands map showing St Croix in the Caribbean:

USVI map

US Virgin Islands map

Below is a view from Google Maps.  From this map of Saint Croix island you can see the hilly terrain, lush green areas, and plenty of locations where beach meets beautiful turquoise water.  One thing we absolutely love about our island is that has not been over-built like so many islands have.

There’s nothing like looking out our villa windows and seeing lush, green, undeveloped hills instead of plastered with chock-a-block concrete slabs of apartments and condos.  In that sense, St. Croix is truly a undiscovered gem and rarity! St Croix map

Next comes a road map (courtesy of our friends over at GoToStCroix).  You absolutely should pick up one of these at the airport when you arrive; they are essential to getting around the island.  Bookmark this page: you may need this map if you get lost 🙂 where is st croix located?

St Croix island is divided in to various districts called quarters. Learning these quarters is useful especially in particular when dealing in St Croix real estate. Below is a Saint Croix map showing the various names of these districts:

St Croix map

Map of St Croix quarters

Of course, any self-respecting collection needs a map of St Croix beaches. There are so many beaches on the island that our guests ask for this map to guide them to the best beaches.  Below you’ll find the location of great beaches on the island: map of st croix beaches us virgin islands

And for all you scuba divers out there, here is a map of St Croix scuba dive sites. As you can see, many of the best dive sites are right off the shore from Villa Margarita or within a 10-15 minute boat ride.  For regular Villa Margarita guests, we offer storage facilities for all your scuba gear, so you can travel light and not get hammered with excess baggage charges by the airlines  🙂 map of st croix scuba dive sites snorkeling us virgin islands

Map of Christiansted

Here is a detailed map of Christiansted on St Croix island. See the Christiansted boardwalk, St Croix seaplane area, and downtown streets.  Click on it to see a larger map.

map of christiansted st croix us virgin islands

Map of Christiansted in St Croix US Virgin Islands

Map of Frederiksted

Here is a map of Fredericksted on St Croix island.  Be sure to drop by Rhythms on Rainbow Beach for a killer drink called Cruzan Confusion! 😉

st_croix_pocket_map_frederiksted 2

Map of Frederiksted in St Croix US Virgin Islands

Map of Buck Island

Buck Island should be on every St. Croix visitor’s bucket list.  It’s a protected natural park sanctuary, offering one of the purest natural beach experiences you will find anywhere.  Access the full map of Buck Island in St Croix , provided by the National Park Services website.  There is also an amazing underwater trail for snorkeling, plus Turtle Beach on Buck Island is one of the most pristine beaches you’ll find anywhere.

Boat access is restricted and a number of licensed companies provide day trips to and from the island.  It’s a beautiful 15-20 minute ride over to the island.

map of buck island st croix usvi

Map of Buck Island, St. Croix USVI


Old St Croix maps

Back in the old days, people really did have to ask “Where is St. Croix?” to actually find it.  Cartographers spent a lot of time in the pre-computer days assembling these fabulous historical maps.  One of the most famous old maps of St Croix is the one made in 1767 by Danish cartographer I.M. Beck, here below, showing the various land parcels as owned back then.  It’s so fascinating that here is the link to the full 15 megabyte file.  Many people have this map professionally printed and framed for their office or home.

1767 map of St Croix Island in the Caribbean

Here is another old St Croix map, this one by Kussner and strangely enough also from 1767….must have been a popular for making a St Croix map!  You can get the full-sized map here.

old st croix map

another 1767 map of St Croix VI

Here is a 1691 French map of St Croix island, which is really distorted. The East End of the island here is as wide as the West End!

old map of St Croix island

1691 French map of St Croix island in the Virgin Islands

For all you geology fans, here’s an amazing map showing all the geological features of different parts of the island.

map of st croix geology

map of St. Croix geology

For boaters and underwater marine people, here is a good benthic map of St. Croix island showing the physical features of the shallow bottom features.  It will help you learn about our local coral reefs, and key vegetation such as mangroves and seagrasses. benthic map of st croix usvi

And for all you sailors out there, here is a nautical map of St. Croix.  You can get the full map version downloaded here from the Office of Coast Survey of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and here.

nautical map of st croix us virgin islands usvi sailing boating navigation

Nautical Map of St. Croix, USVI

And finally, one made out of gold foil:

US Virgin Islands Map

Here is another map of the US Virgin Islands:

map virgin islands

US Virgin Islands Map

And here is a map of St Thomas US Virgin Islands:


Map of St Thomas USVI

Here’s a whimsical new map from 2010 by Howard Handlen.  It make a beautiful reprint.

fun st croix map

An last but not least is a map of St John US Virgin Islands:

st john map virgin islands

Map of St John US Virgin Islands

So come explore our enchanting island paradise, now you know Where is St Croix and have your St Croix map!

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