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How To Get to St Croix / Ferry to St. Croix

How to Get to St. Croix USVI
How to Get to St. Croix USVI

Getting to St. Croix in 2024

Spirit, Delta and American are the main airlines flying to St Croix’s Henry Rohlsen Airport (STX). Spirit flies direct daily from Fort Lauderdale (FLL), American Airlines flies twice daily via Miami (MIA) and Delta via Atlanta (ATL).

Most flights to St Croix land at and depart from the small international Henry E. Rohlsen Airport, (tel: 340-778-1012; airport code STX).  This airport is about 6 miles southwest of Christiansted on the island’s southern coast and only about 8 miles or 15 minutes from Villa Margarita.

going to St. Croix USVI
How to Get to St. Croix USVI

Another way how to get to St Croix is by seaplane flights with Seaborne Airlines from St Thomas (STT airport code) land right at the seaport on the Christiansted waterfront. This is a convenient way of going to St. Croix, particularly if you’re staying in-town at a local hotel or at Villa Margarita about 15 minutes away. An additional bonus is these seaplane flights offer a great tour just by themselves.

Airlines serving St Croix airport include:

American Airlines: tel: 800-433-7300;  website:  American has direct flights daily from Miami, with one stop (but no change of plane) in St Thomas airport.

US Airways: tel: 800-428-4322;  website:  Offers a nonstop flight from Charlotte in the high season. Most visitors arrive via connecting service through Puerto Rico or St Thomas.

Seaborne Airlines: tel: 888-359-8687 or 340-773-6442;  website: Offers several flights daily, some on seaplanes that fly “downtown to downtown” between St Thomas airport (code STT) and the Christiansted waterfront (flight time: 25 min.).

JetBlue: tel: 800-538-2583; website:   Daily afternoon connections from San Juan.

Cape Air:  tel 800-227-3247;  website:  flies between St Croix and San Juan, Vieques Island, or St Thomas airport code STT.

Frontier Air: website: Starting service from Orlando to St. Croix in May 2024. Check for deals on flights from Orlando MCO to St. Croix STX.

We recommend using Kayak ( to find the best fares.

Tips for Planning a Trip to St. Croix US Virgin Islands / FAQs

Planning a trip to St. Croix? Here are some tips to make your visit smooth and happy:

What to pack for St Croix?

St. Croix is very casual and it is warm/hot year round. This means you should pack a bare minimum of shorts, swimwear, T-shirts, swimming goggles, short-sleeved shirts, light dresses, etc. A single sweater or hoodie plus some leggings can get you through the coldest evenings. Many travelers even pack only a backpack, which helps avoid extra baggage fees!’

What’s the best month to go to St. Croix USVI?

January through March are the best months and best time to go to St. Croix, when perfect temperatures, little rain, no sargassum seaweed or hurricanes create ideal holiday conditions.

Is it worth going to St. Croix?

It’s definitely worth going to St. Croix to discover a rare relaxed laid-back island that doesn’t suffer from overbuilding and overcrowding like many other Caribbean islands. St. Croix’s pristine nature, superb beaches, US-flagged safety, and funky vibe make it truly unique in the Caribbean.

If you’re looking for a trendy holiday with upscale bars, restaurants and shopping, then it’s better to choose another island.

Is St. Croix expensive?

Prices in St. Croix USVI are 30% higher for everyday items because everything needs to be either shipped & flown in. So get ready for a bit of sticker shock, especially with groceries. But there is no sales tax though which helps a bit. Save money by bringing essentials you’ll need like toothpaste, suntan lotion, deo, etc.

What money do they use in St. Croix?

The US dollar is the currency used in St Croix US Virgin Islands. Credit cards are widely accepted, though you’ll want to carry some cash for tips and small vendors. ATMs are numerous as well.

Is St. Croix safe?

St. Croix USVI is safe for tourists. Like everywhere, crime exists but for visitors it is almost always limited to minor property theft like mobile phones, etc.

Violent crime very rarely involves visitors or tourists. Nevertheless visitors should always use common sense, be aware of their surroundings, don’t flash money or valuables, and avoid dark or isolated places late at night.

Are drugs legal in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands?

Is marijuana legal in St. Croix? Yes, marijuana is legal in St. Croix as of January 2024 for 21 and older. It can be accessed at a number of dispensaries in St. Croix. Other harder drugs remain illegal.

Is there good cell service in St. Croix?

Cell service in St Croix is generally good for reception, coverage and signal. Verizon, Liberty, Sprint and Viya provide phone service to most the island.cover. Read more about St. Croix cell phone service here.

How do tourists get around St. Croix?

Travelers to St Croix USVI mainly rent cars, take taxis, or ride public buses. There is no Uber, Lyft or any other ride-sharing service available in this US Virgin Island. People drive on the left side of the road here.

You can find St. Croix car rentals here and St. Croix taxi rates here.

What’s life like on St. Croix island?

Life on St. Croix runs at a significantly slower pace, as do services. Simply accept it as part of the island’s charm and don’t get stressed if things don’t run on a New York minute. You’re here to relax, remember?

Nobody is in a rush anywhere, no rush in driving, and expect to wait a bit longer for things than you’re probably used to. View this as a positive and realize how nice it is not be rushing around everywhere on your vacation. PS. locals are very friendly and accommodating but will take offense if visitors get pushy or aggressive. “Island time, mon” 🌴

Ferry from St. Thomas to St. Croix

Ferries are also a great way to getting to St. Croix and have fun doing it! Ferry service from St Thomas to St Croix is provided by a number of operators.  The ferry from St. Thomas to St Croix usually runs on a daily basis but it’s always good to check and book tickets in advance.  You can find here how to book a ferry from St Croix to St. Thomas or the other way around. 

The 2 ferry operators are QE4 Ferry and Native Son Ferry and below you can find the ferry from St. Thomas to St. Croix schedule.

The ferry route is between the Edward Wilmoth Blyden IV Marine Terminal in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas and the Gallows Bay Marine Facility in Christiansted, St. Croix.

Included below are the ferry operators, ferry schedules, travel times, the ferry rates and the opportunity to purchase one-way and round-trip St. Croix ferry tickets.  

2024 Ferry Schedule from St. Croix to St. Thomas

Ferry from St Thomas to St Croix
Ferry from St Thomas to St Croix

Here’s the current schedules for the ferry from St. Croix to St. Thomas or St. John, as well as the schedule for the return ferry from St. Thomas to St. Croix.

NATIVE SON FERRY from St. Thomas to St. Croix

Telephone:   340-998-0990 & 340-774-8685
St. Croix Ferry Landing: Gallows Bay Marine Facility
St. Thomas Ferry Landing: Edward Wilmoth Blyden IV Marine Terminal
Travel Time: 90 minutes

Fridays 4:00 pm
Sundays 4:00 pm
Fridays 8:00 am
Sundays 8:00 am
  • Adult (13+) One-way$75
  • Adult (13+) Round Trip$120
  • Senior (62+) One-way$60
  • Senior (62+) Round Trip$100
  • Child (< 12) One-way$50
  • Child (< 12) Round Trip$90
** Ticket purchases are from Native Son Ferry.
Last Updated: 02/06/2023


Telephone:  340-473-1322
St. Croix Ferry Landing: Gallows Bay Marine Facility
St. Thomas Ferry Landing: Edward Wilmoth Blyden IV Marine Terminal
Travel Time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Wednesday 8:00 am
Thursdays 8:00 am
Fridays 8:00 am
Saturdays 8:00 am
Sundays 8:00 am
Mondays 8:00 am
Wednesday 3:00 pm
Thursdays 3:00 pm
Fridays 3:00 pm
Saturdays 3:00 pm
Sundays 3:00 pm
Mondays 3:00 pm
  • One-way$70
  • Round Trip$120
  • Child (< 2) One-way$30
  • Luggage/BoxSee Notes Below

Note: Arrive 30 minutes before departure. Check in ends fifteen minutes before departure. One piece of government-issued photo identification or birth papers is required for all passengers. Proof of age is required for infants under two years. On St. Thomas, at the Edward Wilmoth Blyden IV Marine Terminal, purchase ferry tickets at the Smith’s Ferry Counter. On St. Croix, at Gallows Bay, purchase tickets at Gallows Bay Marine. Carry-On Baggage Allowance: one bag (maximum dimensions 21.5″x15.5″x9″) and one smaller personal item. Maximum weight of both free carry-on items: 50 lbs. Overweight carry-on baggage: $.50/lb. above 50 lbs., with a minimum additional charge of $10.00 (paid at the time of check-in). Additional bags, and large/overweight items, are subject to other fees.

Last Updated: 02/06/2023

Videos of Ferry from St Thomas to St Croix

Video of Seaborne Seaplane Ferry from St Thomas to St Croix

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1st voyage ever of QE 4 Ferry from St. Croix to St. Thomas (2016)

Native Son Ferry St. Thomas to St. Croix promotional video

Official launch of the QE IV Ferry in St. Croix USVI

So now you know how to get to St Croix and the Ferry to St. Croix from St. Thomas!

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