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Cramer Park Beach St Croix

Cramer's Park Beach in St Croix US Virgin Islands USVI
Cramer Park Beach in St Croix US Virgin Islands

Cramer’s Park Beach

Cramer’s Park Beach in St Croix is located on the north shore of St. Croix’s East End, near Point Udall and is surrounded by Knight Bay and Boiler Bay. This is a large public park and beach, and it is popular with locals for family gatherings and parties. This place can get pretty crowded on the weekends with lots of people and activity and loud music.  So if you want a quiet day at the beach, then you’re best advised to hit this beach sometime during the week rather than on weekends.

The water is shallow and usually pretty calm, which makes it a good spot for kids or just floating around on an inflatable lounger. Cramer’s Park beach also has great snorkeling.

Cramers Park Beach in St Croix US Virgin Islands USVI

Cramer’s Park Beach is a beautiful sandy beach with a sandy bottom in the water (i.e. no rocks).  The water can be best accessed from the right end of the beach to avoid rocks and coral. There are some trees also for shade if needed. This is a great place to swim out in the East End. Enjoy the scenic drive on the way. Take water and a lunch to eat at the picnic tables and enjoy! 

You’re also allowed to camp here! There are also lots of seagrape trees here which provide good shade from the sun.


Parking is available and convenient. There are bathroom facilities, grills, and picnic tables. Camping is also allowed.

Getting there

Follow Route 82 towards Point Udall/Cramer’s Park and turn left into the gate at Cramer’s Park.

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Videos of Cramer Beach St. Croix US Virgin Islands

Here are some interesting videos of Cramer’s Park Beach to give you a feel for what it is like:

2023 video showing clear waters and sand at Cramer’s Park Beach St. Croix
good video of Cramer’s Beach Park in St. Croix
Drone video of Cramer’s Park Beach 2 weeks after Hurricane Maria in 2017

So check out Cramer’s Park Beach St. Croix in 2024!

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