Villa Margarita St Croix USVI

Best St. Croix Villas for Rent in 2024

Best vacation rentals St Croix US Virgin Islands
Spoil yourself with a luxury St. Croix Villa Rental on the beachfront!

Top 10 Best St. Croix Villas to Rent in 2024

  1. Villa Margarita
  2. Villa Miramar
  3. Villa Santa Cruz
  4. Seascape
  5. Point Elizabeth
  6. Villa Paradiso
  7. Paradise Found
  8. Hibiscus
  9. Pelican Point
  10. Casa Fiesta

St. Croix is blessed with so many amazing villas available. Below is a collection of private holiday villas with lush tropical landscapes and breathtaking views of the Caribbean. These extraordinary and exclusive villas offer extra touches of luxury in stunning and secluded locations — especially beachfront. They also offer amenities to please even the most discriminating travelers. So rent your villa today and start planning your unforgettable visit to our idyllic Caribbean island.

👉 Always book your St. Croix villa rental directly from the owner. Why? It’s simple: booking through ANY middleman like VRBO, Airbnb, Expedia, etc.) will cost you 20-30% more than renting a St. Croix villa directly from the owner because of the multiple fees they charge.

Spend all that saved $$$ on your holiday instead!

St. Croix villa rentals beachfront

St. Croix beachfront villa rentals

⭐ Top Pick: Villa Margarita

Best beachfront villa deal in St. Croix: from $150/night.

Spectacular 180º seaviews from every Suite.

Sleep to waves just feet away.

No booking fee, service fee, or damage deposit.

Cozy, relaxed, North Shore location. No mosquitos 🙏

Gated and secluded for privacy yet minutes from shops & activity.

Some other great St. Croix villas to rent if we’re full

Click on any villa for full details and photos.

(Owners: email us here to update your property’s contact info)

King House St. Croix
King House: 4 BR, 5 bath. Oceanview. pool. $1700/n. Shoy Point.
Southern Breezes St Croix villa
Southern Breezes St Croix: 2 BR, 3 bath, 4 ppl. Beachfront, pool. $575/n.
Pelican Point St. Croix villa
Pelican Point Villa: 3BR, 4 bath. Oceanview, pool. $550/n. East end.
ocean's at cane bay St. Croix villa
Oceans at Cane Bay villa: 2 BR, 2 bath, 4 ppl. Oceanfront, pool. $550/n. Cane Bay.
Cane Bay Sanctuary St. Croix-USVI villa for rent
Cane Bay Sanctuary St. Croix: 2 BR, 2 bath. 4 ppl. Oceanfront, pool. $470/n.
St Croix Honeymoon Cottage USVI
Point Elizabeth St Croix Honeymoon Cottage: 1 BR, 2 bath, 2 ppl. $605/n
Best Beachfront Villas in St. Croix USVI

Luxury St. Croix villas for rent

Looking for a high-end villa rental? Here are some extraordinary St. Croix luxury villa rentals offering extra touches of class in stunning locations. They provide the perfect location for family get-togethers, retreats, corporate team-building, or simply living the good life!

Blue Vista Villa St Croix
Blue Vista Villa St Croix: 4 BR, 4.5 bath, 8 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $700-1000/n
luxury Seascape Villa St. Croix
Villa Seascape St Croix: 7 BR, 8 bath, 16 ppl. Oceanfront, pool. $1300/n.
Case Fiesta St. Croix villa for rent
Casa Fiesta St. Croix villa

Videos about St. Croix Villa Rentals

Here’s a selection of videos showing what to expect when you rent a villa by owner in Saint Croix.

More beachfront villa rentals in St. Croix

The main factor driving price and quality of villas to rent in USVI is often location, location, location. And nothing beats a beachfront or oceanfront location! So if that’s what you’re looking for in an island holiday in 2024, here are some nice options for St. Croix oceanfront villas:

Barefoot Beach House: 3 BR, 4 bath. Beachfront, no pool. $450/n. Frederiksted.
Beautiful Beach Home St Croix Virgin Islands
Beautiful Beach Home Frederiksted: 4 BR, 5 bath, 10 ppl. Beachfront, pool.
Holly’s Beach Folly: 3 BR, 4 bath. Beachfront, pool. $585/n. Teague Bay.
Sugar Bird Rest: 3 BR, 4 bath, 10 ppl. Beachfront. $450/n. Carina Bay.

Historic St. Croix Villas For Rent

Looking for a villa with a rich history? There are number of unique St. Croix homes for rent that are developed on historic properties which transport you back in time to the days of sugar plantations, rum, and other ancient crafts. Many are over 300 years old and feature old stone buildings, windmill towers and other exotic features.

Estate Rust Op Twist St. Croix
Estate Rust Op Twist St. Croix: 6 BR. 6 bath, 16 ppl. Oceanview. $1050/n.

St. Croix Villas to Rent with Ocean View

Looking for a villa with sea view? These beautiful villas command panoramic views of the Caribbean sea, beaches, lush rolling green hills, and perfect vistas of distant islands. There’s no better way to spend your St. Croix holiday in 2024 than by relaxing by the pool as you take in fantastic seaviews as far as the eye can see.

Secluded, very private, and tranquil, these villas offer the ultimate relaxed holiday!

Blue Thalassa Villa Madeleine St. Croix
Blue Thalassa Villa: 2 BR, 3 bath. In hills w/view, pool. $315/n. Grapetree Bay.
Villa Del Mer St Croix
Villa Del Mer St. Croix: 4 BR, 4 bath, 10 ppl. Pool, ocean view. Christiansted.
Paradise Found St. Croix villa
Paradise Villa: 3Br, 4 bath, oceanview, pool. $270/n. Grapetree Bay.
Cane Bay Cottage St Croix
Cane Bay Cottage St Croix: 3 BR, 2 bath, 6 ppl. Seaview, pool. $400/n.
La Vallee View Villa St Croix Virgin Islands
La Vallee View St Croix: 7 BR, 6 bath, 14 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $600/n. North Shore.
Villa Sunrise St. Croix
Villa Sunrise St. Croix: 3 BR, 3 bath, 6 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $375/n. East End.
Limetree Villa St. Croix
Limetree Villa: 1 BR, 2 bath. In hills w/view, pool. $300/n. Teagues Bay
Casa Serenity St. Croix
Casa Serenity St. Croix: 2 BR, 2 bath, 6 ppl. Ocean view, pool. $300/n.
Grapetree-villa St. Croix
Grapetree Villa: 3 BR, 3 bath, 7 ppl. Ocean view, pool. $265/n. East End.
Estate La Croix St Croix USVI
Estate La Croix villa: 4 BR, 3 bath, 8 ppl. Ocean view, pool. $580/n
Hidden Haven St Croix villa
Hidden Haven St Croix: 2 BR, 2 bath, 4 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $320/n. Teagues Bay.
Villa Mojito Hill St Croix
Villa Mojito Hill St Croix: 1 BR, 1 bath, 4 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $250/n. Teagues Bay.
SeaView Villa St. Croix
Sea View Villa: 2BR, 2 bath, 4pp. In hills w/view, pool. $370/n. Teagues Bay.
Star Reef villa St. Croix
Star Reef villa: 2 BR, 2 bath, 4 ppl. Seaview, pool. $250/n. East End.
Endless Summer St Croix
Endless Summer villa: 3 BR, 3 bath, 8 ppl. Ocean view, pool. $600/n. Teague Bay.
Sunbreeze Villa St Croix
Sunbreeze Villa: 4 BR, 5 bath, 8 ppl. $470/n. Oceanview, pool. North Shore.
Madeleine Great House St Croix
Great House St Croix: 3 BR, 4 bath, 6 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $450/n.
Villa Dos Casas St Croix
Villa Dos Casas St Croix: 4 BR, 4 bath, 9 ppl. Oceanview, pool. $450/n.

St. Croix Villas for Sale in US Virgin Islands

Did you enjoy your holiday so much that you want to come and live in St. Croix? It happens a lot. Luckily there are many villas for sale on St. Croix, and it’s your opportunity to secure the island lifestyle for yourself.

So if you’ve decided to explore buying a villa on St. Croix, here are some tips. Villa sale prices reflect whether they are beachfront or have an ocean view, year of construction, total floor space, plot site in acres, as well as amenities like swimming pools, lanai, beach access, water cistern volume, and solar PV.

How long does it take to buy a property in Saint Croix USVI? Around 6 months. Villa sales often take longer than on the US mainland, and 9-12 months property listings are common. Obtaining a home mortgage on a St. Croix villa is also harder, with only 3-4 local mortgage brokers.

The best thing about buying a Saint Croix villa is that it’s America, meaning unlike other Caribbean destinations you get title, recorded deed, and your investment is safeSt. Croix licensed real estate agents here can show you properties listed in the MLS, while the better ones can offer St. Croix houses for sale by owners as well.

Things to note when buying a property in St. Croix USVI. First, you need to make an “earnest money” deposit of about 10% of the villa sale price. Definitely hire an attorney for the closing process. But you don’t have to be physically present for closing.

Definitely have the property inspected, with the offer contingent on it.  If you need a mortgage, the property must be appraised and surveyed.

If you’re interesting in buying a villa on St. Croix USVI, we recommend contacting one of the following real estate agents in St Croix:

St. Croix Real Estate Agents

St. Croix Island Life Real Estate
Office Location: East End
telephone: (340) 626-6297

Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty
Office Locations: Gallows Bay and Frederiksted
(340) 778-7000

Chris and Christie Powers, Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty
Office Location: Gallows Bay
(340) 778-7000 Ext.122 | Cell: (340) 643-9448

Sea Glass Properties, St. Croix Real Estate
Christiansted, Island Wide
(340) 715-7772

Team Fedeles, Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty
Office Locations: Frederiksted and Christiansted
340-690-4665 | 340-277-4771

Frazier Premier Properties
North Shore, Island Wide
(646) 504-9311 | 340-713-5547

Lorine Williams
Office Location: Gallows Bay
(340) 778-7000

Team San Martin REMAX
Office Location: Christiansted
(340) 773-1048

Guide to Buying St Croix Beachfront Homes for Sale

Here are some guides if you’re thinking seriously about buying the best beachfront homes in the US Virgin Islands:

Buying a Condo in St. Croix USVI (pdf)  from Island Life Real estate

St Croix Condo Guide (pdf)  (incl. Villa Madeline for sale): by Calabash

USVI Real Estate Buyer’s Guide (pdf)

St. Croix Real Estate Buyers Guide 2023 (pdf)

Moving to the US Virgin Islands (pdf)

Buyers Guide US Virgin Islands Real Estate (pdf)

Now you know all about St. Croix villa rentals, come visit us!