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Columbus Landing Beach in St Croix

Columbus landing beach St Croix US Virgin Islands USVI

Columbus Landing beach St Croix US Virgin Islands

Columbus Landing Beach

Columbus Landing Beach is located on the North Shore of the island.  Columbus Landing is a small, white sand bay with some spots of pebble. It’s good for looking for seashells, but remember you’re not allowed to take shells away from USVI beaches. Here the water deepens quickly and there are many areas with seagrass.  Depending on the season, the seagrass may be a problem.

This is a fairly-secluded beach and you will often be the only ones there, except on weekends which sees more people. The water is good for swimming and there is reef just a short way out for snorkeling. The area is known for great scuba diving just offshore, especially “the Canyon”, and several local dive shops offer boat dives in the area.

If you get there early (6 am or so) you can often find local horse owners exercising their animals in the surf.

Columbus Landing St Croix is historically significant because this is the spot where Christopher Columbus landed during his second journey to the Americas in 1493.  We’re pretty proud that Villa Margarita is located only a stone’s throw from this historic place! This beach was the site of a native village in the 1400’s.   There is a visitors center on the hill (see picture) which you can reach by dirt road. There you’ll find the site of an earthen fort, as well as a great vantage point to see all of Salt River Bay (and Villa Margarita as well). This is a National Historic Landmark, so please treat it with respect.


There are no amenities here other than parking. So bring your beach towels, beach chairs and beach umbrellas. Plus lots of water or drinks & sunscreen as there is not a lot of shade.  Columbus Landing beach is located right next to Salt River Bay Historical and Ecological Preserve. There are several St Croix kayak rental companies based at the Salt River marina there which offer kayak tours of Salt River Bay. The night kayak tour of the bioluminescent bay there is very popular.

Getting there

Take Northside Road west out of Christiansted. Turn right onto Northshore Road (Salt River Road). Take this about 1.5 miles until you see the marina on the right. Turn right at the marina and drive about a half mile and you’ll hit the sea where the beach is located.

That’s the scoop on the Beach at Columbus Landing St Croix!

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