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St Croix Watersports & Activities

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St Croix Watersports and Activities

St Croix offers a wealth of water activities to satisfy virtually everyone’s taste for adventure and fun. Whether you prefer sailing, scuba, or “hair-on-fire” flyboarding, you’re bound to find a fun and relaxing holiday on this beautiful Caribbean island we call home.

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Beachesjack and isaacs bay beach st croix

St Croix beaches are world-famous for their quality and variety.  As the largest island of the US Virgin Islands, St Croix serves up unforgettable beaches at every step of your journey.  Click here for a full list of St Croix beaches and their descriptions.

Snorkelingsnorkling st croix us virgin islands

The best snorkeling in St Croix USVI is right at your fingertips!  You can snorkel right off our beach, or choose from this list of island favorites:  Dorsch Beach, Frederiksted pier, Rainbow Beach, Davis Bay, Cane Bay, Protestant Cay, Tamarind Reef, Buck Island, Isaac’s Bay.

Scuba Divingscuba diving in st croix usvi

St Croix scuba diving is some of the best diving in the Caribbean, if not the world!  It offers world-class dive sites, as well as a spectacular range of diving options sure to impress both the professional scuba divers and amateurs alike.  Click here for full details of scuba diving in St Croix USVI, including dive shops, dive sites, maps, and other scuba resources.

Buck Island toursbuck island st croix

A trip to Buck Island is an absolute must!  It is SO beautiful that they made it a protected National Park and Monument.  An excellent day trip where you can walk on white sand as soft as powder, swim in crystal-clear waters and do some of the best snorkeling in all the Caribbean on an underwater trail through amazing coral reef. There is also a picnic area where you can have lunch. Tour boats usually depart from Christiansted pier and Green Cay marina in mornings and afternoons.  Click here for all the details about Buck Island tours.


St Croix kayaking is a great way to get some exercise and experience Caribbean tropical beauty….all at the same time! Try one of the many professional local St Croix kayak tour companies.  Kayak rentals are by the hour, half day or full day on guided tours. Check out Salt River National Park and Ecological Preserve or try a night kayak tour through one of St Croix’s two bioluminescent bays, and be blown away by the glowing jellyfish, glow worms, and glowing microorganisms which light your path through the night water! Click here for more about St Croix kayaking.

SailingSt Croix sailing

St Croix offers a rich variety of sailing and boat tours to fit any budget.  From exciting day trips to Buck island, to romantic evening dinners accompanied by live Caribbean music and dancing, to island-hopping and open-sea sailboat racing.  Click here to learn all about St Croix sailing opportunities.

Sportfishing Chartersdeep sea fishing charters in St Croix USVI

Become the Old Man and the Sea, or simply have a great day on the water tryi ng to hook your favorite sport fish with one of these local operators:

Windsurfingwind surfing in St Croix USVI

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Jet Ski & WaveRunnersst croix jet ski waverunners

St Croix’s crystal turquoise waters are perfect for all types of water sports and activities, and a island operators offer Jet Skis and WaveRunners for rent by the half-hour, hour or longer.  Take a spin around the coves, reefs and bays!  Click here to learn where you can rent St Croix Jet Skis.

Stand Up PaddleboardSt Croix stand up paddleboading

Try Stand Up Paddleboarding (“SUP”), one of the hottest new water sports that combines great exercise with fabulous outdoor adventures and scenery!  St Croix paddle boarding offers an amazing range of options for beginners and experts alike. Learning to SUP in sheltered coves & beaches with no wave over beautiful coral reefs, or paddle in more adventurous open waters.  You can also articipate in the annual SUP competition, the Coconut Cup.  Click here for all about St Croix stand up paddle boarding.

Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing St Croix kiteboarding

St Croix kiteboarding and kite surfing has really taken off ! The huge variety of flat-water and wave-riding locations with various wind directions & conditions makes the island particularly attractive for kiteboarding & kitesurfing enthusiasts. We’re blessed to have some of the best kiteboarding instructors in the Caribbean who can guide you through the basics if you’re just learning, or challenge you to the next level if you’re an expert.  Click here to learn more about St Croix kiteboarding and kitesurfing.

Flyboardingst croix flyboarding

Need a rush?  The latest watersport craze Flyboarding is your answer! Strap yourself to powerful jetboards or jetpacks and boldly go where few have gone.  Powerful jets of water shoot you 30 feet into the air as you twist, turn, and do acrobatic somersaults.  St Croiy fl yboarding operators will guarantee you have the thrill of your life, and will even film & photo your craziness to show folks back home.  Click here for more info on flyboarding in St Croix.

SNOOKAH divingsnookah dive equipment

What is SNOOKAH, you ask?  It’s “Scuba without the tanks”. It allows anyone, from non-swimmers to certified divers, to experience the underwater world together and without wearing heavy equipment. A safety raft floats at the surface and provides air through a 20-foot hose (the “hookah line”) to your mask and mouthpiece piece. Now ANYONE can enjoy St Croix’s amazing underwater world of wonders, tropical fish, seaturtles, and eagle rays!  Makes for a great family outing as well.  Click here on the local St. Croix SNOOKAH operator Aquaman for more details.

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